10+ Best Crypto Presales for 2023 Top Upcoming Projects

10+ Best Crypto Presales for 2023


982 Listen to this article Crypto presales allow early investors to purchase digital tokens at discounted prices before they are […]

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Crypto presales allow early investors to purchase digital tokens at discounted prices before they are listed on exchanges. While presales come with higher risks, they also offer the chance for higher rewards if you pick the right new crypto project.

This guide explores some of the most promising crypto presales for 2023 and factors to evaluate new blockchain projects, including community strength, real-world utility, experienced teams, and favorable tokenomics.

Top Presales To Research Right Now in 2023

  1. Wall Street Memes: Popular meme token community launching a new ERC-20 token with staking rewards. Presale launching soon.
  2. Sonik Coin: New meme coin capitalizing on Sonic the Hedgehog popularity and offering staking income. Presale recently started.
  3. Launchpad XYZ: All-in-one crypto ecosystem for streamlining Web3 adoption. Ongoing presale has raised over $1 million.
  4. yPredict: Platform utilizing AI and crypto trading tools to generate passive income. Presale has raised $3.6 million.
  5. Chimpzee:Crypto project promoting wildlife conservation through play-to-earn gaming. Raised over $1 million since launching.
  6. Scorpion Casino: Social online gambling site rewarding users in native token for platform activity. Ongoing presale.
  7. eTukTuk: Setting up EV charging stations in developing nations, funded through crypto. Presale just launched.
  8. Pikamoon: Upcoming play-to-earn crypto game taking inspiration from Pokémon. Presale underway.
  9. Anarchy Coin: Meme token with deflationary model. Building DAO treasury to fight inflation.
  10. Rizzmonkey – New meme token conducting presale before exchange listing. Targeting $2 million raise.
  11. The X Protocol: Facilitating no-code Web3 business solutions via user-friendly interface. Ongoing presale.
  12. EyesFi : Developing blockchainx-based social platform focused on authenticity and value creation. Upcoming presale.
  13. LayerZero: Enabling seamless, secure blockchain interactions across diverse networks. Ongoing presale.

How To Identify Promising Crypto Presales in 2023

Research the project’s objectives, roadmap, and team credentials through available online resources like the whitepaper. Evaluate the real-world utility the blockchain platform is proposing and whether it could gain mass adoption. Review tokenomics including total and circulating supply. Many new presales start with billions in supply but implement burning mechanisms. Check the strength of community engagement through social platforms like Twitter and Telegram. 

This can be a predictor of hype and investor interest. Look for partnerships, backers, and advisors who add legitimacy and industry expertise. Platforms like CoinMarketCap also offer rating systems. Monitor crypto news sites, Reddit forums, and YouTube influencers for projects generating substantial buzz among investors. Consider emerging crypto trends like metaverse, AI, environmental causes, etc. Timely projects aligned with trends can see upside.

Are Crypto Presales Risky Investments?

Yes, presale cryptocurrencies come with significant risks, even more so than exchange-listed assets. As newly launched projects, their viability and chance of succeeding have not been proven over time. Some factors to keep in mind:

Despite the risks, crypto presales also offer the potential for the highest rewards if you select an asset that gains traction post-launch. The key is researching thoroughly and investing an amount you can afford to lose.

Delving Deeper Into Crypto Presales

Crypto presales present investors with unique opportunities that simply are not available with established cryptocurrencies already trading on exchanges. By getting in early, you gain access to discounted token prices and other benefits. However, you also take on more risk.

In this section, we explore crypto presales in more depth including their key features, benefits beyond discounted prices, and reasons why this model has become so popular for new blockchain projects.

What Are Some Distinguishing Features of Crypto Presales?

  • Limited Supply – Crypto presales only make a portion of the total supply available for purchase, creating scarcity. Once the presale ends, no more tokens will be sold at those early-bird rates.
  • Time-Sensitive Access – Presales are only open for a limited window, sometimes just weeks or days. This puts pressure on investors to get in before the offering period ends.
  • Tiered Pricing – Most presales use a tiered pricing structure where each round offers a slightly higher price as the sale progresses, rewarding the earliest contributors most.
  • Whitelist Requirements – Some presales are restricted only to whitelisted members who registered in advance. This builds exclusivity and hype.
  • Purchase Bonuses – Many presales incentivize contributing larger amounts by offering bonuses like extra tokens or access to exclusive features.

What Other Benefits Do Crypto Presales Offer?

Besides discounted token pricing, some other advantages of investing in new crypto presales include:

For blockchain projects and investors alike, crypto presales offer clear advantages over traditional fundraising methods:

  • Low Barrier to Entry – Presales allow retail investors to contribute any amount, unlike private early-stage rounds reserved for wealthy elites.
  • Global Reach – Project tokens can be purchased instantly by anyone around the world, rather than relying on local private investors.
  • Secure and Verifiable – The presale process is transparent and traceable on the blockchain unlike traditional closed transactions.
  • Community Engagement – Presales allow projects to build engaged online communities even before launch, vital for success.
  • Funding Momentum – A successful presale demonstrates public demand for a project and can accelerate further investment as hype spreads.


Crypto presales provide an opportunity to invest in new blockchain projects at an early stage, which comes with more risk but also greater profit potential. They allow you to get in on the ground floor before hype builds. Factors like strong community engagement, real-world utility, experienced teams, and favorable tokenomics are positive indicators to evaluate when researching new crypto presales. Wall Street Memes and Sonik Coin are two upcoming meme coin presales building momentum right now. Finally, proper due diligence is crucial before investing, as many newly launched cryptos will fail. While risky, presales can give investors exposure to promising crypto projects before the masses take notice.


Q1-What exactly are crypto presales?

Crypto presales allow early investors to purchase new digital tokens before public launch. Projects offer tokens at discounted rates to build initial funding and community engagement. Presales provide exclusive access ahead of exchange listings.

Q2-How can investors access upcoming presale opportunities?

Prospective participants must register interest on project sites and connect wallet addresses. Presale investments often occur directly through official websites. Some require whitelisting. Marketing spreads through blockchain news sites, Reddit, Twitter, Telegram groups.

Q3-How do crypto presales differ from ICOs?

ICOs represent a public token sale, while presales offer early private investment rounds beforehand. However, terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Both provided early entry to projects during 2017’s ICO boom.

Q4-What hot presale stands out right now in 2023?

Of presales reviewed, meme token project Wall Street Memes shows promise, raising $25 million so far. Presale closes soon, indicating strong early interest. Social following keeps growing.

Q5-Which other presales deserve attention?

Beyond Wall Street Memes, yPredict and Sonik Coin presales gained quick traction. Upcoming ones like EyesFi and The X Protocol also exhibit potential if momentum builds. Monitoring crypto news sites helps spot emerging opportunities.

Q6-What signs indicate a presale’s legitimacy?

Hallmarks include detailed whitepaper, information transparency across website/social channels, and disclaimer about entertainment purpose only. Critically evaluating available data allows informed decisions without emotional bias.

Q7-Where do presale risks lie for investors?

Presales carry higher uncertainty as new unproven projects. Many cryptos launch monthly but few succeed long-term. Illiquidity, volatility, adoption challenges, and potential for full value loss over time remain key dangers. Proper due diligence is essential.

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