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Regardless of their benefit, trending and well-liked cryptocurrency tokens with significant growth potential are often referred to as “shitcoins.” Our guide will evaluate the price trends of a number of the top shitcoins to invest wisely in 2023. 

Along with analyzing some of the top preparatory projects that can provide rapid expansion in the upcoming months, this article also discusses the variables to take into account while determining whether to invest in shitcoins.

Best Shitcoins to Buy Right Now

Here is a little glimpse of our list of shitcoins for 2023. For a more thorough review of the top shitcoins to buy right now, keep reading. 

  1. Wall Street Memes- The Wall Street Bets Reddit community, which is into shitcoins and penny stocks, could be interested in the new meme coin that is currently in presale. Since its inception, $11 million has been collected in its presale.
  2. Evil Pepe Coin- Shitcoin is targeted towards genuine crypto-degens who lack the self-control to refuse the devil on their back. 90% of the supply was made available for buying at the pre-sale on July 18 before the DEX debut with locked liquidity.
  3. Chimpzee- High utility shitcoin that generates passive income and enables users to donate to organizations that support the natural world and animals to preserve the ecology and fauna. The presale has already raised more than $875,000.
  4. Scorp Token- This shitcoin with several applications powers a sportsbook and casino. Over $500k has been raised in $SCORP’s presale so far, and the company offers day income streams, weekly bonuses, and gambling credits. This shitcoin with several applications powers a sportsbook and casino. Over $500k has been raised in $SCORP’s presale so far, and the company promises daily income streams, weekly bonuses, and gaming credits.
  5. eTukTuk- A flexible green coin that encourages TukTuk drivers to switch to electric vehicles. Members may wager tokens with $TUK to obtain a variety of prizes. Pre-sale whitelist applications are now available.
  6. Thug Life- A recently released shitcoin with a $5 million market value has seen a 200% price gain and has become a popular trending pairing on DEXTools. This coin’s massive marketing expenditure should result in significant growth over the next few weeks.
  7. Pokemon- The second pre-order phase of one of the greatest shitcoins for gamers is currently underway. Pikamoon enables you to have fun while earning coins and growing your investment because it is a play-to-earn game. The presale has raised over $3.7 million and is currently to its conclusion.
  8. Dogecoin- The first and largest shitcoin, DOGE continues to enjoy a market valuation of over $10 billion, but its value has significantly decreased from its peak in 2021.
  9. ApeCoin- Powering the famous Board Ape NFT world is a shitcoin with enormous staking incentives. Price has been declining for a year, but could spike during the following bull run.
  10. Shiba Inu- Compared to its main competition, Dogecoin, popular shitcoin has a lot more uses. $5 billion market cap, great start to 2023, but has slowed off recently.
  11. Floki Inu- Top five shitcoins by market capitalization that have outperformed several meme coins this year, gaining by more than 300% thus far in 2023.

A Closer Look at the Leading Shitcoins

Examining their use cases, pricing trends, and growth prospects, we’ll take a look at several of the top shitcoins available right now. 

#1. Wall Street Memes- The Best Bitcoin Right Now, Overall

The infamous GameStop and AMC surges of 2021 were started by the mentality of investing in discounted assets that later explode and beat deadlines, and it is this mentality that is driving crypto shitcoins in 2023.

A brand-new meme coin called Wall Street Memes (WSM) is seeking to tap into this audience and is already supported by a 1 million-strong fanbase thanks to its Ethereum NFT collection, Wall St Bulls on OpenSea. In the future, the Wall Street Memes audience will be able to trade or earn 100% of the two billion units of this potential shitcoin. Currently, 50% of that amount is up for presale. As a result, the problem of team tokens being sold in huge quantities on the market, which has impacted various shitcoins in the past, is avoided. Over $300,000 was raised in the first 24 hours after the news of the $WSM coin presale becoming life, which caught the interest of crypto influencers.

Since its introduction seven weeks ago, it has collected more than $15.5 million and is included among the greatest shitcoins on the list Jacob Bury released in the video below. Join the Wall Street Memes socials, such as its Telegram and Discord communities, to stay informed on the development of this popular shitcoin as it strives to reach its hard cap of $30,577,000. Additionally, five winners will share a $50,000 $WSM airdrop open to Discord users.

Remember that meme shitcoin is an extremely dangerous but high-return asset that frequently defies typical technical analysis. As a result of the market’s extreme inefficiency, they can move dramatically in either way.

Presale startedMay 25, 2023
Presale amount raised$217,000
Purchase methodsETH, USDT, BNB, Credit Card
Chain Ethereum 
Min investment 100 WSM
Max investment None 

#2. Evil Pepe Coin- New Shitcoin with One Phase and Degenerate Appeal

Evil Pepe Coin ($EVILPEPE), an entirely novel shitcoin that doesn’t need to apply to vulnerable retail investors, is something Degens won’t want to miss. The project, which began its presale on July 18, is prepared to follow in Pepe and Pepe2.0’s webbed footsteps and take the market’s top spot for the hottest shitcoin. 90% (5.94 billion) of the initiative’s 6.66 billion total supply, which will be entirely community-driven, will be made accessible during the presale. 

Similar to the recent popularity of Thug Life, Evil Pepe Coin will only have one presale phase with a set price of $0.000333 and a relatively modest hard cap of $2 million.

This will not only cause FOMO and swiftly build anticipation as investors scramble to get their hands on their tokens, but it will also guarantee a fair launch that is accessible to all. The set price will also prevent early adopters from undercutting latecomers and will encourage holding because everybody who buys will want the price to increase.

When EVILPEPE launches on DEXs, the balance of ten per cent of the inventory will be used for liquidity. This will guarantee strong volume while also preventing any chance of a pump-and-dump. Those who hearken to the demon on their head are the only ones who should buy Evil Pepe Coin. Join the Telegram group or read the whitepaper for more details.

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Token symbolEVILPEPE
Total supply6.66 billion
Presale supply5.94 billion
Network Ethereum (ERC20)
Purchase methodsETH, USDT

#3. Chimpzee- With this environmentally friendly crypto token, generate passive earnings

Chimpzee gives genuine utility and benefits the environment, in contrast to other shitcoins. The ecosystem of Chimpzee’s NFT the market, online store, and play-to-earn atmosphere may be used to leverage $CHMPZ, the native token. Users of the token can purchase and stake NFT passports to generate passive income. Chimpzee scans your photos using AI technology to create an exact duplicate of your face using NFT. The NFTs have an annual return potential of up to 20%. Your NFT characters will be employed in the play-to-earn setting to fend off other forest thieves and safeguard the environment. Using the zero-tolerance P2E game, you can acquire complementary $CHMPZ tokens as well as premium rewards.

You can buy goods and equipment from the Chimpzee online shop. For making purchases in the shop, you receive $CHMPZ tokens as payment. A part of the money raised will also be given to the charity that Chimpzee supports. Users can trade via the NFT trade-to-earn platform and make passive revenue. A percentage of the trading commissions produced will be put into a pool and distributed by Chimpzee as passive revenue. NFT passport holders will be able to take home a larger portion of the pot. 

The price per token, which is currently $0.0007, will increase to $0.00185 after the exchange registration. Since the presale began, Chimpzee has now raised almost $875,000. To keep up with this endeavour, read the whitepaper below and join the Telegram channel. 

Token symbolCHMPZ
Total supply200 Billion
Presale supply40 Billion
Network Ethereum (ERC20)
Purchase methodsETH, USDT, Credit Card

#4. Scorp Token- Casino Token and Top Staking

The Scorp Token (SCORP), which can be utilized to enter crypto gambling games, make passive revenue, and participate in affiliate incentive schemes, is an essential component of the Scorpion Casino platform. The total supply of $SCORP, which is based on the Binance Smart Chain, is 1 billion. A total of 400 million tokens were initially allotted for the current presale, and an additional 80 million will be given away as prizes to investors. Investors who purchase $SCORP during presale are also eligible to participate in a $250K giveaway. 

Holders of $SCORP tokens will receive special advantages on the platform for casinos and sportsbooks. Additionally, token owners can get free games and monthly bonuses. They will also receive 40% in complimentary credits to use on different casino games. Tokens can be pledged to the environment to receive daily incentives for staking. Scorp Token levies a 10% tax on every sale. To divide passive income, 2% of this is transmitted to the staking pool. 

The remaining 5% of the tax is utilized for marketing, 1% is burned, and the remaining 2% will be utilized to fulfil liquidity needs. Furthermore, you will gain entry to the Elite Scorpion Members Club if you spend more than $1,000 at the casino. This membership offers access to enhanced staking awards, VIP support, and payback according to your investment amount. Players can play poker, blackjack, slots, crash activities, and other games offered live at the casino. There is also a sportsbook available with over 35 different sports betting categories. More than $500k was raised during the presale. After going public on exchanges, $SCORP will start trading for $0.05. Examine the Scorpion Casino document to stay current on this cryptocurrency and visit the Telegram channel. 

Token symbolSCORP
Presale supply200,000,000 SCORP
Token typeBEP- 20
Payment methodsETH, USDT, BNB
Listing price$0.05

#5. eTukTuk- Building electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities with sustainable cryptocurrency to assist tuk-tuk drivers

To lessen air pollution and encourage TukTuk drivers xx`to embrace environmentally friendly modes of transportation, eTukTuk (TUK) is constructing an international system of electric car charging stations and unique electric automobiles. Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs) are used in over 270 million TukTuks now, which produce more air pollution than cars. ICEs are anticipated to become outdated shortly due to this factor and the rising cost of energy. eTukTuk will encourage the widespread use of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) since TukTuk drivers from developing countries struggle to make a living wage. This will be accomplished by installing EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) and charging infrastructure in urban and suburban areas of emerging nations.

eTukTuk will take advantage of regional manufacturing and support to put up these stations. The stations will be installed in various regions. To assist with operations and installations, eTukTuk will enlist the aid of territory partners.

Drivers of TukTuks will be able to power their EVs and make payments with them once the charging stations are operational. Since the coin has low fees and is built on the Binance Smart Chain, costs are predicted to drop by 75%. The territorial sponsors will receive a piece of the revenue generated. By staking coins, individuals can also contribute to the upkeep of the charging infrastructure. As the volume of operations and revenue rises, they will receive an APY (Annual Percentage Yield). 

In comparison to other shitcoins, $TUK provides several use cases on the platform. In addition to providing inflationary benefits from a staking pool, eTukTuk will stake $TUK. The total quantity of $TUK is 2 billion, of which 19.5% is set aside for staking rewards. The forthcoming coin presale will receive a 12.5% release. The $TUK presale whitelist spots are now available. To understand more about this cryptocurrency, read the eTukTuk document and join the Telegram group.

The native coin of Thug Life, $THUG, is the most popular meme cryptocurrency right now. While attempting to aid community members in achieving financial success, this cryptocurrency fosters a sense of cohesion. The platform’s focus is on having fun in life, laughing, and getting over losses made in the cryptocurrency markets. Thug Life offers a place for everyone, whether they choose a scam token promoted by their favourite celebrity or the most recent doge token to wreck the market. Thug Life, which only recently entered DEXs, is currently one of the most popularly growing shitcoins in the market. On the main data aggregator DEXTools, it was highlighted as a top trending “hot” pair, and its price increased by about 200% after its introduction.

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The project also has a sizable marketing budget, with 15% of the 4.20 billion token supply set aside for advertising costs; this could result in a boost in the project’s price and attention in the upcoming weeks. Due to the equity of the launch, investors purchased 70% of the token supply during the presale at a predetermined price. The $2.058 million hard cap was reached in under two weeks, and 15% of the available supply has been set aside for a significant airdrop campaign. There hasn’t been any official word, but the airdrop will be major, and more information is shortly to come. The coin $THUG has raised over $100k in the first day since its debut. By subscribing to the Thug Life telegram channel, you can keep up with the most recent project developments.

#7. Pokemon – An excellent shitcoin to buy and play a fun discovery and fighting game to earn more tokens

A new blockchain that relies on the platform with play-to-earn capabilities is called Pikamoon. The game, which took cues from Pokemon, FIFA, and Fortnite, may become extremely popular in P2E communities. The project, which was started in April 2023, has so far raised more than $3.7 million, and as of right now, its native cryptocurrency, $PIKA, is nearing the end of its supply and is being sold out. One of the finest shitcoins to invest in is Pikamoon because of its immense growth potential. The undertaking has a finite 50 billion token supply, which may cause its price to rise over time. Additionally, the platform would derive 65% of its liquidity from tokens used in the market, assuring the pool’s stability.

Pikamoon is not only a wise investment, but it’s also enjoyable. In essence, it is a trekking game set in the imaginary country of Dreva. The whitepaper states that owners of the platform’s token, $PIKA, get free access to an NFT that allows gamers to gain insight into the Pikaverse and engage in combat. Holders can gain more tokens by winning player battles and other in-game milestones. Then they can trade these for other tokens, sell them on an exchange, or use them to enhance their NFTs in the market. They can also incarcerate other NFTs while engaged in combat in the Pikaverse to add to their army. If you join the project’s official Telegram channel, you may learn more about its special features.

Presale startedApril 2023
Purchase methodsUSDT and ETH
Chain Ethereum 
Hard Cap$6 million
Min investment None 
Max investment None 

#08. Dogecoin- ‘Dog Token’ is a well-liked cryptocurrency with a $11 billion market cap.

Dogecoin, one of the original shitcoins in the cryptocurrency industry, was launched in 2013 and is currently one of the greatest shitcoins to purchase. The popular ‘Doge’ meme that was going around at the time inspired the moniker Dogecoin, which was given to the cryptocurrency by its developers. Dogecoin’s native token, DOGE, unexpectedly grew to become one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world, surprising both the project’s developers and the general public. Despite the token’s initial years of modest growth, the price of DOGE skyrocketed in 2021. The shitcoin and Elon Musk’s opinions are somewhat correlated. In fact, despite a general decline in the market for digital currencies, Dogecoin’s value has increased as a result of Elon Musk’s cryptic remark about it.

From a low of $0.0045 in January 2021, DOGE climbed to an all-time high (ATH) of $0.73 in May of that same year. This translates into a startling price increase of 16,122%. After Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted in favour of this project, the token also gained a lot of social media traction. Dogecoin, on the other hand, has shown to be a risky cryptocurrency that can be traded. This shitcoin’s value has declined over time as a result of the limited use cases it provides. Over the course of 2022, this shitcoin’s price fell by almost 60%. Dogecoin is currently trading at $0.073 per token, 90% below its all-time high. With a market capitalization of more than $10 billion, DOGE is still the 9th biggest digital asset.

#09. ApeCoin- Launch of Shitcoin by the Bored Ape Yacht Club Team 

The creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), a well-known NFT collection with an estimated valuation of more than $1.2 billion, also created the cryptocurrency known as apecoin.  The APE Foundation, which seeks to provide community members with the ability to vote and make decisions, is focused on this token. Participation in the APE DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) requires the native token, APE. Members of the DAO can decide how to spend money on partnerships, the ecosystem, and upcoming projects. Early in 2022, APE began operations and was able to provide returns immediately. 

The price of the cryptocurrency rose from $8.50 in March 2022 to an all-time high of $26 in April of that same year. APE’s price dropped throughout 2022, completing the year at $3.60, after rising by more than three times since its inception. APE costs $3.40 per token as of May 2023.

Numerous dog coins began to circulate in the market following the popularity of the well-known meme coin, DOGE. While the majority of the tokens received little attention, Shiba Inu has emerged as one of the most significant shitcoins in the cryptocurrency industry. The ‘Dogecoin Killer’ was the moniker given to the Shiba Inu when it was introduced in 2020. Dogecoin’s market cap was surpassed by SHIB, the native token, in October 2021. SHIB, which has a market cap of more than $5 billion, is the fifteenth-largest cryptocurrency.

The platform has been creating ERC-20 token use cases as well. The Shibaverse, which would serve as the cryptocurrency’s metaverse, was introduced by Shiba Inu in 2022. Shiba Inu also revealed the Oshiverse, a play-to-earn video game that is now under development. Shiba Inu made a big splash in 2021 after surging by 111,399,000% and hitting a record-breaking high of $0.000086 in October of that year. This shitcoin is currently selling at just $0.000008 per token, 90% below its all-time high. Shiba Inu has amassed a sizable internet following, with more than 3.6 million Twitter followers and approximately 500k subscribers to the SHIBArmy subreddit, among other platforms. 

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#11. Floki Inu- Bitcoin Trading at a 300% Increase in 2023

Floki Inu (FLOKI), which debuted in June 2021, has grown to be one of the most popular shitcoins in the world of digital assets. The token was given the same name as Elon Musk’s newest Shiba Inu puppy. FLOKI is the focus of numerous ecosystem projects, notwithstanding the meme position of this coin. First, Floki Inu is creating Valhalla, a gaming metaverse ecology exclusive to it. The token will be a crucial component of Floki University, which is an education ecosystem where users may acquire knowledge about cryptocurrencies, according to the Floki whitepaper. 

However, social media posts that go viral often draw attention to cryptocurrencies. After Elon Musk shared a photo of his Floki Dog in 2023, the token’s value began to rise. The value of this cryptocurrency has increased by more than 300 per cent since the beginning of 2023, from $0.000008 to $0.00003.The market capitalization of FLOKI exceeds $460 million. Floki Inu was listed on Binance at the beginning of May.

Shitcoins: Explained

Shitcoins are primarily used to describe cryptocurrency projects that lack widespread utility and application. 

Shitcoins are well-known cryptocurrencies that have experienced tremendous development for several reasons, much like meme tokens. 

  • For example, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu represent two of the most well-known “dog coins” on the market. When the cryptocurrency market was booming in 2021, these tokens saw astounding growth. 
  • The developers of initiatives like Shiba Inu never intended for this coin to have any practical function. However, the founders have started including several use cases now that the token has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies
  • Other initiatives, like Floki Inu, flourish as a result of their online success. The token frequently increases in value after Musk tweets regarding his dog because it is named after Musk’s dog. 
  • Finally, a lot of shitcoins are valuable because of their enormous social media popularity. One of the most popular cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin, has over 3.6 million Twitter followers.

Can I trust shitcoins?

In general, shitcoins are viewed as dangerous investments. Unfortunately, digital pump-and-dump scams can be used by highly skilled cryptocurrency scammers to steal billions of dollars. Unaware investors may end up with worthless tokens after individuals artificially boost the coin’s price and then sell off the assets at a profit. Buyers must therefore consider the project’s team to avoid becoming a victim of such coins.

Security lapses and hacking assaults are other dangers associated with shitcoins. There is a larger danger of coding flaws with these coins because they are frequently developed by unidentified developers and exchanged on uncontrolled exchanges, making them simple targets for hackers. Additionally, many shitcoins lack real-world applications, unlike larger cryptocurrencies, therefore their value is entirely based on rumours and speculation. Due to this, investors may suffer substantial losses since their value can fall drastically. Due to this, it’s critical to search for coins with practical applications and a clear path.  

Are shitcoin investments a good idea? 

After reading our recommendations of the best shitcoins to purchase, it is critical to determine whether this market is an investment that is worthwhile for you. But then do you predict which cryptocurrency will breed the following Shiba Inu? We discuss several justifications for investing in shitcoins and justifications against it. 

Returns in the near term

Short-term gains are one of the explanations why investors trade shitcoins. Some of the most successful shitcoins have provided significant profits in only a few short months; FLOKI, for example, has increased by around 300% since the beginning of 2023. Similar to Bitcoin, Dogecoin was able to increase by over 16,000% in 2021 during a bullish period. So, if you are interested in entering the cryptocurrency market, broadening your portfolio and adding a little amount of shitcoins can be a good idea. 

Speculative and High-Risk Investments

Although shitcoins have provided substantial returns, it is important to remember that trading them involves high risk and volatility. Shitcoins are so-called because of the dearth of advantages that they provide. They are therefore traded mostly depending on their brand value and current level of popularity. Since this high-risk industry is renowned for wiping out profits as quickly as they generate revenues, traders should only trade with money they are willing to lose.  

The Verdict

A variety of the top shitcoins to purchase in 2023 have been reviewed. Even if well-known cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) have provided astounding returns, new projects with modest market capitalization and preliminary sales are a few of the top cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on right now since they have more possibility for growth. Our best shitcoin to purchase right now is Wall Street Memes (WSM), which is still in the presale of the platform, has potential for further development, and can tap into the Wall Street Bets Reddit crypto forum in addition to having a sizable NFT following. 

$WSM is currently available at for a few pennies and has already collected more than $15.5 million in less than a month since its presale began, indicating a significant degree of early desire from shitcoin hunters.


Q1. What do shitcoins mean?

Shitcoins are typically used to refer to cryptocurrency tokens with little intrinsic value or practical purpose. A shitcoin typically experiences unforeseen growth and ongoing price fluctuation, which can be attributed to its popularity on social media or the backing of the local community. 

Q2. What shitcoins have been some of the greatest to purchase?

Many shitcoins have experienced rapid growth in recent years, including Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), ApeCoin (APE), and Floki Inu (FLOKI). However, brand-new initiatives like Wall Street Memes (WSM), Evil Pepe Coin (EVILPEPE), Thug Life (THUG), Chimpzee (CHMPZ), and eTukTuk (TUK) are also gaining ground and have greater potential for development.

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