Introducing Safereum: Revolutionizing Crypto Transparency

Introducing Safereum: Revolutionizing Crypto Transparency

Safereum, a decentralized meme token set to launch on the Ethereum Blockchain in October 2023, is making waves in the cryptocurrency landscape. In a market crowded with centralized and ephemeral meme-based cryptocurrencies, Safereum is on a mission to bring back transparency and longevity to the crypto sphere.

Why Safereum?

In an environment where decentralization, transparency, and durability are dwindling, Safereum aims to rekindle the original essence of cryptocurrency – pure decentralization. Amidst the growing complexity and stifling of blockchain’s potential, Safereum emerges as a beacon of simplicity, realignment with crypto’s core values, and a return to its intended trajectory.

Unrivaled Security Safereum sets a new standard for security in modern decentralized finance (DeFi) cryptocurrencies, ensuring robust protection for investors during trading and holding. With an official KYC certificate and audits conducted by five reputable companies including Cyberscope, SourceHat, InterFi, BlockSAFU, and SecureWise, Safereum instills unwavering confidence in its security measures.

Key Safereum Features:

  • Contract ownership renounced.
  • Liquidity pool locked for one year.
  • No taxes on buy, sell, or transfers.

Supply Breakdown:

  • 45% allocated for pre-sale.
  • 29.61% initially burned.
  • 15.39% allocated to the V2 Uniswap LP (locked for one year, with the potential for an extension).
  • Remaining 10% held in a multi-sig wallet for centralized exchange listings, bridges, and V3 Uniswap LP support.


Safereum boasts a tax-free ecosystem with 0% buy, 0% sell, and 0% transfer taxes. Contract ownership has been formally renounced, eliminating any individual or entity with ownership privileges. Additionally, the liquidity pool is securely locked for one year.

Experienced Team The Safereum team, renowned for their crypto expertise, played pivotal roles in one of 2021’s most significant crypto projects, garnering over 300,000 holders and a market value exceeding $250 million. As the creators behind its marketing and advisory success, the Safereum core team is well-prepared to guide the project to new heights.

High-End Marketing Building on their successful 2021 project, Safereum founders are launching an aggressive marketing campaign across multiple platforms. Their extensive reach encompasses Twitter, Telegram, influential influencers, YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, 4Chan, BTOK, WeChat, Weibo, published news articles, email marketing, and more.

Mainstream Accessibility Safereum, driven by a genuine ethos of being “by the people, for the people,” is tailored to resonate with mainstream audiences. It aims to establish its presence on leading platforms and exchanges in the near future.

In Conclusion Amidst a cluttered crypto landscape of complex utility experiments, Safereum stands as a symbol of simplicity and transparency, poised to revolutionize the industry. As the crypto sphere awaits a potential bull market, the Safereum pre-sale offers an unprecedented opportunity to participate in a life-altering event with the potential for significant returns.

Be part of the Safereum sequel and experience a new era of decentralized meme tokens.

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