20 Best Crypto Presale To Invest In For 2024

15 Best Crypto Presales to Invest In For 2024

11,132 Listen to this article Disclaimer – Cryptocurrency investments carry a significant level of risk. The content shared here is […]

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Disclaimer Cryptocurrency investments carry a significant level of risk. The content shared here is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice. There’s a possibility of losing your entire investment.

Cryptocurrency presales offer investors the opportunity to buy digital currencies at significantly reduced rates. However, identifying a worthwhile investment project and achieving the right mix of high risk and potential high returns can be challenging.

This guide will delve into some of the most promising crypto presales of 2024, considering recent market trends and their performances to date. We’ll highlight key upcoming cryptocurrency projects and provide insights on how investors can choose new digital assets to add to their portfolios.

Top List of the Best Crypto Presales in 2024

Before we start with the full list of best crypto presales, let us see the basics checklist of the “How-Tos” in the world of Crypto Presales.

A Comprehensive Guide to Participating in Crypto Presales

To participate in the presales listed in this post, here’s a general “How-To” guide tailored to the variety of projects mentioned. Remember, the specific process can vary slightly from one project to another, so it’s crucial to visit each project’s official website for detailed instructions. Here’s how you can typically get involved in these presales

  1. Initiate In-depth Research

    Prior to embarking on your presale journey, dedicating time to meticulously research each project is paramount. Assessing the project’s vision, the team’s background, the roadmap, tokenomics, and the utility of the token provides a solid foundation for making informed decisions.

  2. Preparation of a Digital (Crypto) Wallet

    Having a digital wallet that supports the blockchain of the presale token is essential. For many Ethereum-based projects, a wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet will suffice. Ensure your wallet is secure and ready for transactions.

  3. Acquiring Necessary Cryptocurrency

    Presales typically require investment in the form of popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), or Tether (USDT). These can be purchased from reputable exchanges if not already in your possession.

  4. Navigating to the Official Project Website

    The authentic project website is your portal to participate in the presale. Exercise caution to avoid phishing scams by verifying the URL and ensuring it’s a legitimate site.

  5. Wallet Integration

    Look for the “Connect Wallet” feature on the presale section of the website. This process involves selecting your wallet provider and following the steps to link your wallet to the website securely.

  6. Engaging in the Presale

    With your wallet connected, you’re set to convert your cryptocurrency into presale tokens. Input the amount you wish to invest, review the transaction details, and confirm your purchase.

  7. Transaction Confirmation

    After initiating your transaction, a short waiting period may occur as it’s processed on the blockchain. Success will result in the allocation of presale tokens to your wallet, often with details on how and when these tokens can be accessed or utilized.

  8. Keeping Informed

    Active participation in the project’s community through social media channels or forums like Discord and Telegram is beneficial for receiving updates and further instructions post-presale phase.

Consider The Following While Participating in Crypto Presales

  • Security Vigilance: Confirm you’re interacting with the official project platform to avoid scams.
  • Be Aware of Network Fees: Transactions may incur network fees, particularly on networks known for high gas prices.
  • Understanding Presale Phases: Early stages of a presale often offer tokens at a lower price, presenting an opportunity for greater future gains.
  • Token Retrieval Post-Presale: Some projects might necessitate an action to claim your tokens after the presale concludes. Familiarize yourself with these procedures.

Embarking on crypto presales demands a blend of enthusiasm for innovation and a cautious approach to investment. By following these guidelines, you position yourself to explore the dynamic opportunities presales offer while minimizing risks. Always invest with a clear understanding of the potential for both reward and loss, committing only what you are prepared to lose.

Each of these projects offers a unique angle on the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency, from gaming and virtual reality to environmental sustainability and AI integration. However, remember that investing in presales comes with its risks, and it’s essential to do your own thorough research and consider your investment goals and risk tolerance before participating in any presale.

Top Crypto Presales To Invest In 2024

Here are some of the best crypto presales that are live right now, along with their official website links for more details:

1. Green Bitcoin (GBTC)

Green Bitcoin (GBTC)

Green Bitcoin ( $GBTC) is a pioneering cryptocurrency that marries the ethos of Bitcoin with the eco-friendly framework of Ethereum. It achieves this by utilizing a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, making it 10,000 times more environmentally sustainable than traditional Bitcoin. Through its innovative Green Staking model, users can earn passive income by accurately predicting Bitcoin’s price movements, fostering community engagement and long-term investment.

The platform offers a gamified staking experience with substantial rewards distributed from a dedicated pool of tokens. Participants can stake their $GBTC tokens for various durations, earning additional rewards based on the length of their commitment. This incentivizes both short-term and long-term participation, promoting stability and growth within the ecosystem.

Green Bitcoin prioritizes inclusivity, offering a user-friendly interface and supporting seamless transactions through partnerships with centralized and decentralized exchanges. With a focus on sustainability, community involvement, and technological innovation, Green Bitcoin aims to redefine passive income generation in the cryptocurrency domain while upholding environmental responsibility.


  • Earn rewards while predicting Bitcoin’s price
  • High staking APR during the presale
  • Straightforward roadmap


  • The game is still in development
Buy WithETH, BNB, USDT, Card
Current Price:$1.1062

2. Sponge V2 (SPONGE)

Sponge V2 (SPONGE)

Sponge V2 aims to build upon the success of its predecessor, Sponge V1, with enhanced features and opportunities for its community. It introduces a staking mechanism where holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards, transitioning seamlessly from V1 to V2. The tokenomics of Sponge V2 include no taxes, a robust marketing budget, and liquidity on centralized exchanges (CEX). Additionally, Sponge V2 offers the potential to earn tokens through a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game, adding another layer of engagement for users.

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The roadmap for Sponge V2 outlines three stages of development, starting with the announcement and launch of the token, followed by the transition and listing on bigger exchanges. Eventually, Sponge V2 aims to achieve widespread adoption with Tier 1 CEX listings, the launch of a dedicated game app, and a significant social media presence, aiming for a $100 million market capitalization.

It’s important to note that Sponge V2 is a meme coin and is not affiliated with Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants. While it may offer entertainment value and potential rewards through staking and gaming, investors should be aware that it has no intrinsic value or guarantee of financial return.


  • V1 token exploded 100x after launch
  • Aims for a $100 million market cap
  • Plans to list on Binance and OKX
  • 100% purchase bonus
  • Staking rewards from V1 tokens for 4 years
  • Releasing a P2E game


  • Exchange listings are not guaranteed
BlockchainPolygon (MATIC)
Buy WithETH, MATIC, USDT, Card
Current Price:$0.002402

3. eTukTuk (TUK)

eTukTuk (TUK)

eTukTuk represents a groundbreaking initiative in the realm of sustainable transportation powered by AI and blockchain technology. It aims to revolutionize the way people commute, particularly in developing nations and eventually globally. At its core, eTukTuk offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional transportation methods, leveraging AI-driven efficiency to optimize routes, reduce traffic congestion, and minimize fuel consumption.

Through the use of $TUK tokens, eTukTuk incentivizes participation and investment in its vision for a greener future. These tokens not only power AI-driven advancements within the transportation sector but also support eco-friendly innovations and the development of smart infrastructure. Furthermore, eTukTuk integrates predictive maintenance techniques to ensure the longevity of its vehicles, thereby minimizing waste and contributing to a reliable and eco-friendly ecosystem.

In addition to its primary mission of sustainable transportation, eTukTuk offers an engaging Play-to-Earn game centered around its flagship vehicle. This game not only serves as a source of entertainment but also provides opportunities for players to earn rewards while experiencing the benefits of eTukTuk’s innovative approach to transportation.


  • Eco-friendly crypto
  • Massive staking rewards
  • Highly ambitious


  • Long-term project
BlockchainBinance Smart Chain
Buy WithETH, BNB, USDT, Card
Current Price:$0.0285

4. 5thScape (5SCAPE)

eTukTuk (TUK)

5thScape is a VR gaming platform revolutionizing entertainment with immersive experiences. Powered by the 5SCAPE Coin, it offers exclusive access to premium VR content, fostering a dynamic community and growth within the virtual reality landscape. The platform boasts a diverse ecosystem comprising VR games, VR headsets, gaming chairs, and a developer center catering to a wide range of gaming enthusiasts.

This project strategically taps into the booming VR industry, which has seen exponential growth across gaming, healthcare, education, and enterprise sectors. Leveraging blockchain technology, 5thScape ensures secure transactions and transparent governance, enhancing user experience and trust.

Security measures, including blockchain implementation and smart contract auditing, safeguard user data and transactions. The project prioritizes community building through inclusivity, transparent communication, and educational initiatives, fostering engagement and collaboration.

With a comprehensive marketing strategy targeting end-users and developers, 5thScape aims to establish a strong brand presence and attract a global audience. The roadmap outlines key milestones, including token presale, game releases, and strategic partnerships, driving growth and innovation.


  • Gives token holders access to all VR gaming ecosystems
  • Offering 80% of the supply in presale
  • Low initial prices


  • No gaming modes have been released yet
Current Price:$0.00215

5. OPZ (OPZ)


OPZ, or Operation Pangea Zero, is a comprehensive ecosystem aiming to revolutionize the landscape of cryptocurrency management and trading. At its core is the OPZ Wallet, which addresses the increasing demand for user-friendly yet secure self-custodial wallets. Powered by KeyFusion, an innovative Multi-Party Computation (MPC) protocol, OPZ Wallet offers unparalleled security while simplifying key management for users.

Key features include seamless Web3 and dApp integration, advanced AI-driven insights through OPZ-AI, and the groundbreaking OPZ-DEX, a decentralized trading platform built on Bitcoin’s Layer 2. OPZ-DEX combines the efficiency of centralized exchanges with the security of blockchain settlement, offering high-speed order matching, multiple order types, and cross-blockchain compatibility.

Moreover, OPZ-NFC introduces a tangible way to interact with digital assets securely offline, further enhancing the ecosystem’s usability and security. The OPZ Network architecture ensures scalability and practicality, while features like the Liquidation Engine and AI-powered analytics provide traders with valuable tools for risk management and decision-making.


Presale Details:

Current Price:$0.028

6. Bitbot (BITBOT)

Bitbot (BITBOT)

Bitbot is the world’s first non-custodial Telegram trading bot, revolutionizing the way retail traders interact with financial markets. With a focus on democratizing access to institutional-grade tools, Bitbot empowers everyday traders to compete with sophisticated investors. It offers seamless integration with self-custodial wallets, ensuring ironclad security while providing advanced trading features in a user-friendly interface.

Driven by the vision to reduce uncertainties in trading, Bitbot combines convenience with robust security, allowing users to retain full control over their keys, wallets, and assets. Leveraging Telegram’s extensive user base, Bitbot opens doors for traders globally to access powerful trading tools previously available only to professionals.

The $BITBOT token introduces a new dimension to Bitbot’s platform, offering revenue sharing, exclusive access to pre-sales, governance rights, and community engagement opportunities. With a transparent tokenomics model and a roadmap focused on continuous innovation, Bitbot aims to redefine the trading experience for retail investors, empowering them to make informed decisions and compete on a level playing field in the financial markets.

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Presale Details:

Current Price:$0.0128

7. Cerra (CERRA)

Cerra (CERRA)

Cerra is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform built on the Cardano blockchain, offering users true ownership and passive income opportunities through its native utility token, CERRA. As owners of the platform, CERRA token holders are entitled to a share of the platform’s profits, distributed via staking.

The platform generates revenue through various DeFi services such as peer-to-peer lending, spot swaps, pool lending, and derivatives trading, with fees collected and directed to a Treasury smart contract. By actively engaging with the platform, token holders enhance the value of their tokens, which are directly linked to the platform’s performance.

Cerra incentivizes platform usage through mechanisms like farming Lender/Borrower bond NFTs and Spot swap LP tokens, further empowering users to become true platform owners. The platform is committed to transparency and decentralization, with plans to open-source all its components, including smart contracts and dApp products.

By leveraging tools like Lucid, Cerra aims to eliminate hosted backend services and enable decentralized transaction processing directly in users’ browsers, ensuring security, fairness, and reliability in its operations.


Presale Details:

Buy WithADA
Current Price:$0.331

8. Mollars (MOLLARS)

Mollars (MOLLARS)

MOLLARS presents itself as a transformative force in the intersection of gaming, economics, and community, embodying decentralization and participant governance. Beyond merely a token, MOLLARS symbolizes a journey toward autonomy, prosperity, and communal advancement. Central to its ethos is the forthcoming launch of a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), underscoring its commitment to true decentralization and cross-blockchain interoperability.

The litepaper delineates the foundational principles and tokenomics driving MOLLARS, highlighting its role as a store-of-value token with resilience against inflation. By positioning the Mollars token as a bridge for cross-blockchain transactions, it aims to facilitate seamless interaction between different blockchain ecosystems.

With a strategic founder exit post-launch, MOLLARS prioritizes sustainability and community empowerment, ensuring professional management and long-term viability. The roadmap outlines a phased approach, commencing with smart contract development and community engagement to establish trust and enthusiasm.


Presale Details:

Buy WithETH, USDT, Card
Current Price:$0.5

9. Dogecoin20 (DOGE20)

Dogecoin20 (DOGE20)

Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) distinguishes itself as a novel token blending inspiration from the iconic Dogecoin meme coin with innovative on-chain staking features. Rooted in the ethos of “Do Only Good Everyday,” DOGE20 embodies the philanthropic spirit of its Doge lineage while introducing a pioneering approach to passive rewards within the crypto space.

By fusing the charm of meme coins with the utility of on-chain staking, Dogecoin20 charts a unique course that appeals to both meme enthusiasts and serious investors seeking new avenues for growth. Its innovative staking mechanism empowers holders to actively engage in network participation while earning rewards, fostering a sense of ownership and amplifying utility.

The project’s roadmap outlines a phased approach, beginning with a fair presale and comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure broad awareness and adoption. Early stakers are incentivized with high Annual Percentage Yield (APY) advantages, laying the foundation for a robust staking ecosystem.

As Dogecoin20 progresses through its roadmap, it remains committed to principles of fairness, innovation, and community engagement. Through its tokenomics and staking mechanism, DOGE20 aims to empower its community, bridge the gap between active engagement and financial growth, and contribute positively to the crypto landscape.


Presale Details:

Buy WithETH, BNB, USDT, Card
Current Price:$0.000202

10. Poodl Inu (POODL)

Poodl Inu (POODL)

Poodl Inu is a memecoin that breaks the leash of conventionality, offering a wild ride through the crypto dog park. Positioned as the leader of the pack in the meme coin space, Poodl Inu embodies an irreverent attitude and undeniable charm. With its “IDGAF” demeanor and striking appearance, Poodl Inu captivates attention and ignites excitement.

The token’s roadmap outlines a journey from its unleashed debut to becoming the top dog in the crypto world. Featuring a straightforward staking strategy akin to teaching a dog to fetch, Poodl Inu aims to fetch rewards for its holders with ease and reliability.

Overall, Poodl Inu presents itself as a playful yet potentially rewarding venture in the meme coin space, appealing to those seeking excitement, humor, and the thrill of the unexpected in the world of cryptocurrency.


Presale Details:

Buy WithETH, BNB, USDT, Card
Current Price:$0.000845

11. Hypeloot (HPLT)

Hypeloot (HPLT)

Hypeloot is an online casino platform that combines the thrill of gambling with the innovation of cryptocurrency. Launched in 2022, Hypeloot has quickly risen to prominence, processing over 56 million bets from more than 160,000 users. It stands out in the crowded crypto gambling space by offering a diverse range of games and features designed to provide an exceptional user experience.

The platform’s native token, $HPLT, offers holders a share of the profits generated by the casino. Additionally, $HPLT introduces an exclusive NFT collection called “Hypes,” available only to presale contributors. These NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded on and other popular marketplaces like Opensea, providing unique and rewarding opportunities for users.

Hypeloot features a variety of original games, including Mystery Boxes, Plinko, Crash, and Crazy Wheel, each offering exciting opportunities for users to win rewards. The platform ensures fairness and transparency by leveraging blockchain technology, including EOS and Chainlink, for provably fair gameplay.

With a deflationary token model and a comprehensive roadmap for continued growth and development, Hypeloot aims to redefine the online gambling industry. The platform’s commitment to innovation, security, and user satisfaction positions it as a leader in the crypto casino space, poised for further expansion and success in the years to come.


Presale Details:

Current Price:$0.0975

12. Memeinator (MMTR)

Memeinator (MMTR)

Memeinator is a groundbreaking project set in the dystopian world of 2077, where memes dominate the web, but not all memes are created equal. Amidst the chaos, the Memeinator emerges as a force of justice, tasked with identifying and destroying weak memes to create a perfect meme ecosystem. Utilizing advanced technology, AI mastery, and a ruthless meme-targeting system, the Memeinator reshapes the meme era, ensuring only the best memes survive.

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The project is fueled by its native token, $MMTR, which empowers a community dedicated to meme excellence. With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, the MMTR tokenomics are meticulously designed to drive sustainable growth and reward participation. Quarterly burn mechanisms ensure token value retention, while strategic distribution channels fuel the project’s expansion.

The Memeinator’s roadmap outlines a journey of innovation and evolution, divided into phases focused on setting coordinates, unleashing the Memeinator, searching and destroying unworthy memes, and ultimately achieving meme domination. Key milestones include launching major exchanges, developing meme-scanning technology, and launching a meme warfare game.

As users engage with the Memeinator, they become part of a movement rewriting the rules of memes, challenging the status quo, and shaping the future of digital humor. The project invites individuals to contribute, engage, and choose which side they’re on in the battle for meme supremacy.


Presale Details:

Buy WithETH, BNB, USDT, USDC, Card
Current Price:$0.0292

13. Harambe AI (HarambeAI)

Harambe AI (HarambeAI)

HarambeAI is a trading platform powered by advanced artificial intelligence designed to navigate the complexities of the cryptocurrency market with precision and efficiency. At its core lies a state-of-the-art neural network auto-trading bot, Harambe A.I., which leverages deep reinforcement learning (DRL) models and sophisticated algorithms to analyze vast amounts of historical and real-time market data. Through continuous learning and optimization, Harambe A.I. identifies profitable trading opportunities, executes trades in real time, and manages risk effectively.

The platform democratizes access to AI-driven trading by distributing profits generated by Harambe A.I. among token holders via a buy-back and burn program. This mechanism not only creates inherent demand for the Harambe Token but also provides investors with direct exposure to the performance of the trading engine.

With plans to expand utility through integration with various DeFi platforms and partnerships, HarambeAI aims to redefine the crypto landscape, setting new standards in technology, community engagement, and investor benefits. Joining the Harambe revolution means participating in a journey toward a future where AI-driven trading empowers individuals and transforms the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


Presale Details:

Buy WithETH, BNB, USDT, USDC, BTC and more
Current Price:$0.192

14. Zapclash (ZC)

Zap Clash is a gamefi project that combines the thrill of card-based gameplay with the innovation of the Ethereum blockchain. With an extensive collection of over 100 distinct cards and 30 strategic bases, players engage in strategic battles by deploying 12 cards across three randomly assigned locations. What sets Zap Clash apart is its unique ‘Zap’ feature, allowing players to dynamically double their cup points, adding an extra layer of strategic depth to the gameplay.

At the heart of Zap Clash is community ownership. From early development stages to ongoing gameplay, the community plays a pivotal role in shaping the game’s direction. Zap Clash aims to redefine the gaming experience by prioritizing community involvement, making it a truly community-owned gamefi platform.

The vision of Zap Clash is to become a pioneering symbol in the gamefi space, offering a unique platform built on the Ethereum network where players worldwide can find endless joy and passion. With a mission to create a fair and transparent space where community members are key decision-makers, Zap Clash aims to go beyond being just a game, striving to deliver a distinctive gamefi experience where the community is at the forefront of decision-making processes.


Presale Details:

Current Price:$0.163

15. Trex (TREX)

TREX is a groundbreaking fusion of ERC20 tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), offering collectors a captivating journey into the world of digital art. This collection consists of 10,000 one-of-a-kind digital wonders, each uniquely crafted to captivate imaginations and evoke wonder.

With 50% of the tokens allocated for presale, collectors have the opportunity to acquire these exclusive digital assets before they are made available to the public. Additionally, 40% of the tokens are dedicated to liquidity provision, ensuring a robust and stable marketplace for trading and collecting TREX tokens.

A further 5% is allocated for marketing efforts aimed at expanding the reach of the TREX collection and attracting more collectors to join the vibrant community. The remaining 5% is reserved for the team behind the project, incentivizing their ongoing commitment to the development and growth of the TREX ecosystem.

What sets TREX apart is its innovative use of the ERC404 token standard, which seamlessly integrates ERC20 tokens with special NFTs. This allows collectors to trade and accumulate parts of NFTs, which can later be assembled into complete NFTs.


Presale Details:

Buy WithETH
Current Price:0.033 ETH ($110.80)

Best Crypto Presales Updated FAQs

What are crypto presales?

Crypto presales refer to the initial offering of a new cryptocurrency project to a limited group of investors before it is made available to the general public. It’s an opportunity for early investors to get involved in a project at an early stage.

How do I participate in crypto presales?

To participate in crypto presales, individuals typically need to undergo whitelisting procedures outlined by the project team. This usually involves registering on the project’s website, completing Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, and potentially meeting minimum investment requirements. Once whitelisted, participants can contribute funds in the form of cryptocurrency during the presale period.

How do I identify the best crypto presales to invest in?

Identifying the best crypto presales requires thorough research and analysis. Investors should evaluate various factors such as the project’s whitepaper, team members’ credentials, technological innovation, market potential, community engagement, and partnerships. Additionally, considering endorsements from reputable investors and the project’s roadmap can provide valuable insights.

What is the difference between crypto presales and ICOs?

While both crypto presales and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) involve fundraising for new cryptocurrency projects, they differ in their target audience and timing. Presales occur before the public sale phase and are typically restricted to a select group of investors, while ICOs are open to the public. Presales offer early access to the project at potentially favorable terms, whereas ICOs aim for broader public participation.

What are some strategies for evaluating crypto presales?

Evaluating crypto presales requires a comprehensive approach. Investors should scrutinize the project’s whitepaper to understand its purpose, technology, and tokenomics. Assessing the team’s expertise, previous accomplishments, and industry experience is crucial. Additionally, analyzing the project’s competitive landscape, potential for adoption, security measures, and regulatory compliance can aid in making informed investment decisions.

What are the risks of investing in crypto presales?

Investing in crypto presales carries inherent risks. These include project failure, market volatility, regulatory uncertainties, security vulnerabilities, and the potential for fraudulent schemes. Investors should exercise caution, conduct thorough due diligence, and diversify their investment portfolios to mitigate these risks effectively.

What are some of the best crypto presales to consider in 2024?

While specific recommendations may vary based on individual preferences and risk tolerance, potential crypto presales to consider in 2024 may include projects focusing on emerging sectors such as decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain interoperability, and scalability solutions. Projects with strong fundamentals, innovative technology, and a clear roadmap for development could present attractive investment opportunities.

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