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The days of playing traditional games are long gone. The necessity that players mix gaming with other activities, such as organizing conferences, concerts, or events online, appears to be a trend nowadays. This is precisely the situation where metaverse gaming is useful. There are a lot of metaverse games that let you make money, which is yet another fascinating fact to be aware of. 

Most tech innovators picture a fully immersive virtual environment where individuals from all over the world may interact, play together, exchange ideas, and just exist. The first step in building this vast virtual universe is to create engaging VR games that give players the freedom to participate and express themselves. However, you also have a fantastic chance to make money if you incorporate cryptocurrency trading.

Check out here our collection of the most popular 10 metaverse digital currency games if you’re a fervent gamer or investor hoping to profit from the next big thing.

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What are the top 10 metaverse games to earn crypto?

Let’s take a look among some of the best games created in recent years when blockchain technology and the metaverse converged. The majority of them enable you to create your own environment, socialize with other players as well, and/or work your way up to earning different cryptocurrency incentives.

10. Splinterlands:

Splinterlands is the perfect NFT game if you’re searching for one that’s incredibly entertaining to play and lets you make money while you play. This cryptocurrency-based virtual card gaming pits players opposite one another in competitive matches while being hosted on the Hive blockchain. You can tell you have been in for a treat because the game immediately reminds you of Magic the Gathering in addition to Hearthstone. It takes no time at all to learn the rules, yet it can take years to develop the ideal approach. As you play and succeed, you’ll accumulate additional cards to which you can buy, sell, or rent on the marketplace for fiat money or a variety of cryptocurrencies. Even mobile platforms can be used to access the game, allowing you to play and win while on the go. Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), a cryptocurrency having monetary worth that can be purchased and sold using actual money, are the primary incentive you receive.

9. Farmers World:

Farmers World is a hugely popular Web3 game developed on the WAX blockchain and has been recognized as one of the most enjoyable play-to-earn games on the blockchain. As the name suggests, you need to acquire the proper equipment and farm resources in Farmers World to be profitable. To begin playing Farmers World, you must first acquire some WAX tokens for the game in your digital wallet, which you can then use to purchase the first set of NFT game cards. For instance, you’ll need to acquire some equipment (such as fishing poles, axes, and chainsaws), structures, farmland, and even farm animals. Afterward, you must equip all of these items after logging in. One of the largest online NFT gaming communities, Farmers World has more than 150,000 players globally. Therefore, you can join those particular Telegram and Discord groups anytime you need help with the game and get help right away.

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8. Upland:

What if assets such as real estate could be tokenized, maintained, and exchanged as NFTs globally? Upland is attempting to do this by virtually simulating the entire world, including its most well-known structures. You can interact with others, play games, and make money inside because the digital economy there mimics the actual one. At least, that’s what over 300,000 within the game property owners believe. Now is your chance to buy and personalize a piece of real estate in one of the renowned megacities like San Francisco, New York City, London, or another! Additionally, you can construct businesses within the game, drive automobiles, and form groups to interact with other people. Although Upland is built on the Block One EOS blockchain, you may still import cryptocurrency from other well-known blockchains. The game is now accessible via the web and the major mobile devices, and the main approach to monetize it is by selling the real estate you construct for US dollars. 

7. Lost Relics:

Do you desire to satisfy your dungeon-crawling itch? Then you ought to check out Lost Relics, a 2019 action-adventure RPG game that lets you battle enemies, prepare meals, obtain a pet, and locate and trade in-game NFTs with other players. Cliff Clawley’s one-man development business created the stunning game Lost Relics, which has a large environment and numerous dungeons to explore. You accept missions that send you to perilous places with lots of loot, just like in any other RPG. After attaching your Enjin wallet, you may use the Enjin marketplace to conduct transactions if you’d like to sell your blockchain things. Gold Coins can be found all over the in-game environment and are used as currency to buy different products.

6. The Sandbox Game:

Now let’s look at The Sandbox, a game that, because of the Ethereum blockchain, has been fusing immersive games with metaverse gameplay since 2012. The Sandbox, as its name implies, is more than just a straightforward game because it lets you design your own mini 3D games without any programming knowledge and build new 3D items that you can then trade with other players as NFTs using the game’s native token, SAND. As soon as you join in, the first action you do is purchase a land piece as an NFT, on which you can either build your ideal home (or even a castle) or rent it out to other people. You can start playing the game straight away thanks to the user-friendly interface and abundance of tools and materials.

5. Wildnerness P2E:

It seems fantastic to become a wizard and make some cryptocurrency in the process, right? Playing Wildnerness P2E, a role-playing PvE and PvP game with a thriving economy that features a variety of crypto assets and NFTs, will let you have all of that and more. Players and investors that enjoy challenging magic-based MMORPG combat will immediately feel at home in the Wilderness gaming universe. They are given the chance to benefit from the platform’s thriving economy without even having to pay to attend. Even if you were not born to battle, you can still take part by baking, making potions, or going on adventures. The WLDY Coin, an ERC-20 token created through the Polygon blockchain and used as the game’s native currency, is easily obtainable through gameplay. After that, you can either use it to buy various NFTs or exchange it for goods with other Decentraland metaverse participants.

4. Alien worlds:

Lacking a space-based metaverse game, this list wouldn’t be complete. In this game, players assume the role of a galactic explorer who mines resources, explores new worlds, plays minigames, and takes part in numerous quests in order to collect Trilium. Trillium is the in-game money in Alien Worlds that encourages you to explore the world and goes by the token symbol TLM. You may keep your Trilium coins on all major digital currencies, like Ethereum, WAX, and BSC, unlike the majority of the games featured. Players mine Trilium instead to stake their involvement in planet government, boosting the return they get from the central metaverse’s smart contracts. Best of everything, Alien Worlds features a dynamic user base that contributes original content to the game, such as new attractions, trivia or challenging puzzles, and exciting quests, which all help the platform grow.

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3. My meta farm:

Let’s take a look at My Meta Farm, a cutting-edge new metaverse game where users can create their own worlds, own them, and make money from them. My Meta Farm lets you take ownership of an area of its universe and transform it into your own. It was designed as a productive land where everyone can interact, create, and collaborate. To do this, though, you’ll need to spend some cryptocurrency and buy new plants, furnishings, and structures (NFTs). Ideally you can create your own clothing and sell it. You can meet new people, grow on their farms, fish, cook, and gain other gifts while you wait for someone to purchase them. You can even swap these goodies for new in-game ornaments. The creators promise that players will never get weary of playing this amazing game, both as a player and an investor, because its dynamic plot and prospects for profit growth will keep you engrossed for a long time to come.

2. 9D NFT:

An online MMO game from Southeast Asia called 9D NFT gives its players access to real-world value through blockchain technology and digital assets. They therefore created this special metaverse video game on the Binance Smart Chain and gave equal weight to both its play-for-fun and play-to-earn features in the hopes that they will profit and enable other investors to do the same. You will get fully immersed in a sizable virtual world and encounter all of the world’s cultures through their tools, attire, distinctive structures, and traditions. Create a MetaMask wallet, acquire and spend some COGI tokens, create a character of your own (up to 300 COGI), and play to gain various crypto assets before you may begin.

1. Axie infinity

Axie Infinity has all you need if you’ve ever wished to play a cryptocurrency game in the Pokémon style because it lets you breed, catch, and trade special creatures called Axies. Axie Infinity is a well known blockchain gaming platform that utilizes the Ethereum network, similar to several other games on our list. AXS, the game’s native token that can be used to buy Axies and Axie Infinity lands, is another feature. The primary goals of the game are engaging in PvE and PvP combat with your allies. If you win, you take possession of your opponents’ axis. At this point, you may purchase property to house all of your animals because they are practically valuable.

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Here are the top 10 metaverse crypto games as discussed in this article. They use the blockchain to provide a ton of entertainment and the chance to win cryptocurrency prizes by just playing them. For instance, the majority of these games let you fully control the virtual goods you acquire and sell them to other players and investors. We hope that our list has made it easier for you to choose your next gaming and investment opportunity. The list of metaverse games to play to earn cryptocurrency prizes covered in this article is not complete. You can also increase your income by playing other metaverse games. We’ve produced this list for informational purposes only, therefore we advise doing your own researching before making any decisions about investments. Information in the post shouldn’t be taken as legal, financial, investing, or any other type of advice.

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Q1. How quickly will the metaverse replace the real-world economy?

Although proponents of the metaverse are working to make it more widely accessible, there are still many obstacles to overcome until this goal is realized. The internet is governed by rules and laws in addition to calling for greater bandwidth in more places. Fans may experience the best of the metaverse through gaming in the meantime.

Q2. Which metaverse game is the most profit generating for the players?

One of the better metaverse games for making money is Axie Infinity, which also has a sizable fan base. As many players used Axie Infinity to make a living during the Pandemic, the game gained popularity as a Play-to-Earn title. You must first purchase three Axies through the Axie Marketplace in order to begin the game.

Q3. Can I make money playing games in the metaverse?

Both investors and players can find chances in the metaverse. Gamers can play to earn money, and investors can sell NFTs for a profit. You might wish to host an event, sell tickets, or lease real estate in the metaverse. Think about getting employed in the metaverse sector for long-term financial gain.

Q4. Can the metaverse games earn me huge profits?

If you choose the proper assets and purchase them at a fair price, investing in the metaverse can make you wealthy. The Metaverse and Web 3.0 as a whole have huge potential for development, accordingly your assets will increase in value together with the industry as a whole.

Q5. Are playing the metaverse games free for all players?

Although there won’t be a single subscription charge for the metaverse, there may be purchase pricing, subscription fees, in-app sales, or other business models for the applications and experiences that use and profit from the metaverse technology.

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