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What is Best Shitcoins?

Shitcoins is a category of digital assets that has both intrigued and baffled investors. These cheekily named tokens, often born from memes and internet culture, have a reputation for their wild price swings and speculative nature. But amidst the skepticism, a few of these coins have not only survived but thrived, proving their critics wrong and rewarding their believers with unexpected gains. While the term “shitcoin” might suggest insignificance or even mockery, some of these tokens have narratives, communities, and potential that are impossible to ignore. In this article, we’ll explain about the top 10 best shitcoins to buy right now in 2023 through the noise to spotlight the shitcoins that, against all odds, are genuinely worth the hype.

Best Shitcoins To Buy Right Now To Invest in 2023

  1. DogeCoin: DogeCoin (DOGE) is a cryptocurrency known for its playful Shiba Inu dog logo and lighthearted, meme-inspired origins.
  2. Shiba INU: Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a cryptocurrency inspired by the Shiba Inu dog breed, similar to Dogecoin. It gained popularity as a meme token and has attracted a significant community of enthusiasts.
  3. MonaCoin: MonaCoin (MONA) is one of the earliest cryptocurrencies to emerge from Japan and is often referred to as the country’s first native digital currency.
  4. Milady Coin: The Milady meme coin is represented by the token “LADYS,” and “LADYS” serves as the meme coin associated with the “Milady” concept or community. Meme coins are often created for fun or as a form of online culture, and they can be used for various purposes within their respective communities.
  5. Bad Idea AI: $BAD is a daring experiment merging Blockchain, AI, and DAOs. In a world dominated by AI, it explores whether AI, guided by the community, can save or challenge us. It’s humanity’s “Hail Mary” to secure our future in an AI-driven world.
  6. Kishu Inu: Kishu Inu (KISHU) is a cryptocurrency token that takes its name and branding inspiration from the Shiba Inu meme, similar to Dogecoin and Shiba Inu (SHIB).
  7. Tamadoge: Tamadoge (TAMA) is a meme coin project blending NFTs and virtual pets. Launched in September 2022, users raise and battle their pets, aiming to be a top meme coin, integrating metaverse, play-to-earn gaming, and NFTs.
  8. Bone ShibaSwap: BONE is especially significant because it’s designed as the governance token for ShibaSwap. Governance tokens give holders the right to vote on various proposals that could influence the direction of the platform.
  9. Floki: Floki Inu (FLOKI) is a cryptocurrency token inspired by the Shiba Inu meme coin phenomenon, similar to Dogecoin and Shiba Inu (SHIB).
  10. Dogechain: Dogechain is an online blockchain explorer and wallet service primarily designed for the Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

1. DogeCoin (DOGE)

Originating as a playful nod to the “Doge” meme, DogeCoin has transformed from a light-hearted jest into a cryptocurrency heavyweight. Its ascendancy is a testament to its vibrant community, high-profile endorsements, and its adaptability for online transactions, including tips, donations and charitable contributions.

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DogeCoin’s price trajectory has been a roller-coaster, with peaks and troughs that mirror the unpredictable nature of the crypto market. However, expert analyses project a favorable outlook for DogeCoin in 2024 and 2025.

The decentralized ethos of DogeCoin, combined with the unwavering support of its community, has been instrumental in its success. Recent partnerships and technological integrations indicate a prosperous trajectory for DogeCoin, positioning it as more than a mere meme-inspired coin. The future appears promising for DogeCoin. However, potential investors should undertake thorough research and seek expert advice before diving into the market.

Market and Supply Data:

Circulating Supply140,932,656,384
Market Cap$8,945,668,382
All Time High$0.7376
All Time Low$0.00008547

2. Shiba INU (SHIB)

Shiba INU, often dubbed the “DogeCoin killer,” has taken the crypto world by storm, emerging as one of the most talked-about meme coins. Originating as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, Shiba INU’s symbol, SHIB, has become synonymous with the decentralized meme token movement. The Shiba INU ecosystem is expansive, with plans to introduce various decentralized finance (DeFi) products.

One of the most anticipated developments in the Shiba INU community was “Shibarium,” its proprietary blockchain. If you talk about the Best Shitcoins To Buy Right Now, this is one of them. This move is made to reduce transaction costs and enhance the scalability of Shiba INU-related projects, solidifying its position in the crypto space. With a series of strategic partnerships, technological advancements, and community-driven initiatives, SHIB has managed to maintain its relevance and have shown strong signs of potential growth.

The coin’s decentralized nature and robust ecosystem, makes it a contender in the meme coin arena. Shiba INU’s volatile price movements can be influenced by market sentiment, celebrity endorsements, and macroeconomic factors. Potential investors should approach with caution, armed with thorough research and a clear understanding of the crypto landscape.

Market and Supply Data:

Circulating Supply589,346,914,631,298
Market Cap$4,497,439,441
All Time High$0.00008845
All Time Low$0.00000000008165

3. MonaCoin (MONA)

Monacoin symbolized as MONA, is not just another cryptocurrency but a potential contender for one of the Best Shitcoins To Buy Right Now in the vast sea of digital coins. Originating from Japan, Monacoin is often referred to as the first Japanese cryptocurrency. It was inspired by a popular ASCII art character in Japan, making it a blend of modern crypto technology and Japanese pop culture. Monacoin has built a strong community around its cultural relevance.

This has led to its widespread acceptance in various local shops and online platforms in Japan, making it more than just a speculative asset. The coin has seen a steady increase in adoption rates, not just as a medium of exchange but also as a store of value. Recent news around Monacoin has been largely positive, with increased merchant adoption and community-driven initiatives pushing its relevance even further.

There’s also a growing interest from international investors, recognizing its potential beyond the Japanese borders. Monacoin is a blend of tech and culture, combined with a strong community backing.

Market and Supply Data:

Max Supply105,120,000
Circulating Supply65,729,675
Market Cap$26,484,918
Fully Diluted Market Cap$42,343,742
All Time High$20.23
All Time Low$0.0196

4. Milady (LADYS)

Milady, represented by the ticker LADYS has managed to gain attention due to its unique blend of meme culture and genuine utility, particularly in the realm of NFTs. The coin is associated with a collection of NFTs, making it more than just a speculative asset. Originating as a meme coin, Milady has shown potential for genuine utility and growth in the crypto space. Its association with NFTs, a booming sector in the crypto world, adds an extra layer of value and potential for the coin.

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The NFT market has witnessed exponential growth, and coins associated with it, like Milady, are poised to benefit from this trend. Price predictions for Milady in 2023 vary, but many analysts are optimistic about its growth. Some predictions suggest steady growth, while others hint at potential spikes given the right market conditions. However, investors should keep in mind the volatile nature of the market.

Market and Supply Data:

Max Supply888,000,888,000,888
Circulating Supply734,366,023,232,083
Market Cap$25,789,284
Fully Diluted Market Cap$31,184,419
All Time High$0.0000006864
All Time Low$0.00000000001985

5. Bad Idea AI (BAD)

Bad Idea AI, represented by the ticker BAD, is a relatively new entrant in the crypto market. While its name might suggest skepticism, the coin has garnered attention for its unique approach and potential in the AI sector. Bad Idea AI (BAD) is a daring decentralized blend of Blockchain, AI, and DAOs, reflecting the meme culture of the crypto world. As AI’s influence grows, from personal assistants to autonomous vehicles, it stirs both wonder and worry about its ultimate role in our future.

BAD ventures into this uncertainty, entrusting AI and the community to chart its course. Essentially, think of BAD as a bold gamble, a final attempt to navigate a future dominated by AI’s potential prowess. The coin’s association with artificial intelligence hints at a broader application beyond just being a speculative asset. AI’s integration in various sectors, from healthcare to finance, suggests that any cryptocurrency closely tied to this technology could have significant potential for growth. Some analysts are optimistic about its growth. However, potential investors should approach with caution.

Market and Supply Data:

Max Supply831,041,059,897,327
Circulating Supply534,961,958,899,750
Market Cap$39,931,890
Fully Diluted Market Cap$61,785,912
All Time High$0.0000001953
All Time Low$0.000000001454

6. Kishu Inu (KISHU)

Kishu Inu, often represented by its ticker KISHU, is a meme coin that has gained significant attention in the crypto community. Originating from the meme coin trend, Kishu Inu was inspired by its predecessor, Dogecoin, and is often seen as a part of the broader “Inu” family of tokens, which includes coins like Shiba Inu. Launched on April 17, 2021, its creators aim to elevate meme coins beyond mere jest, envisioning KISHU as a lasting digital currency.

Distinctively, Kishu Inu is entirely community-owned making it a good , with no developer token reserves, emphasizing decentralized decisions and community-driven actions. The coin’s playful branding and community-driven approach have made it a favorite among many crypto enthusiasts. Various price predictions suggest that the coin might see substantial growth, with some even hinting at a potential surge. However, the volatile nature of the crypto market means that these predictions should be taken with a grain of salt.

Market and Supply Data:

Max Supply100,000,000,000,000,000
Circulating Supply92,890,095,065,879,060
Market Cap$18,597,357
Fully Diluted Market Cap$20,021,452
All Time High$0.00000002

7. Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge, represented by its ticker TAMA, is a meme coin that has garnered attention in the crypto community. Like other meme coins, Tamadoge rides on the wave of community-driven enthusiasm and the allure of quick profits. Tamadoge merges NFT trading with virtual pet interactions. Within its ecosystem, users collect tokens, nurture their virtual pets, and engage in battles, all while navigating a play-to-earn model.

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Originating from the Tamaverse project, these metaverse pets, represented as NFTs, can be traded, bred, and cared for, competing for cryptocurrency rewards. All in-game transactions, including NFT store purchases, utilize the native TAMA token, underscoring the project’s ambition to reign as the “meme king” by integrating the metaverse, blockchain gaming, and NFTs.

The allure of Tamadoge lies in its community-driven approach. The coin’s branding, memes, and community engagement have made it a favorite among some crypto enthusiasts. Tamadoge offers an intriguing proposition in the meme coin space.

Market and Supply Data:

Max Supply2,000,000,000
Circulating Supply1,393,353,219
Market Cap$17,392,000
Fully Diluted Market Cap$24,971,654
All Time High$0.1957
All Time Low$0.00605

8. Bone ShibaSwap (BONE)

Bone ShibaSwap, represented by the ticker BONE, is a pivotal token within the ShibaSwap ecosystem, a decentralized exchange. As the crypto market evolves, tokens like BONE have gained traction due to their utility and association with popular platforms like ShibaSwap. Bone ShibaSwap (BONE) serves as the governance token for the ShibaSwap decentralized exchange, empowering the Shiba Inu community, or “Shib Army,” with voting rights and access to NFTs.

Launched on July 7, 2021, ShibaSwap enables SHIB trading and positions BONE as a reward token for liquidity providers. The more BONE one holds, the greater their influence, and staking durations directly influence reward amounts. The ShibaSwap platform’s success and adoption play a crucial role in BONE’s potential growth. As decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms gain prominence, tokens like BONE, which serve a functional purpose within these ecosystems, can see increased demand and valuation.

While BONE has potential due to its association with ShibaSwap, the investors should do thorough research and risk assessment before making any investment decisions.

Market and Supply Data:

Max Supply250,000,000
Circulating Supply229,923,351
Market Cap$214,972,896
Fully Diluted Market Cap$233,744,088
All Time High$41.67
All Time Low$0.2899

9. Floki

Floki, referred to as Floki Inu, is a cryptocurrency that has garnered significant attention in the crypto community. Inspired by Dogecoin and the broader “Inu” trend, Floki aims to capitalize on the meme coin frenzy while offering unique features to its holders.

The Floki Ecosystem boasts four main projects:

  1. NFT gaming metaverse “Valhalla
  2. A set of decentralized finance tools under “FlokiFi”
  3. The NFT and merchandise hub “FlokiPlaces
  4. The educational “University of Floki”

Recent news and developments surrounding Floki suggest that the community and developers are actively working to enhance its utility and adoption. This proactive approach could play a crucial role in its future valuation and acceptance in the broader crypto market. The future of Floki appears promising, with various price predictions suggesting potential growth in the coming years. Floki’s association with popular internet culture gives it a unique marketing edge. While there’s a potential for high rewards, there’s also a risk of significant losses.

Market and Supply Data:

Circulating Supply9,435,157,732,664
Market Cap$165,540,852
All Time High$0.0003437
All Time Low$0.00000002

10. DogeChain (DC)

Dogechain (DC) is emerging as a notable contender. While it might share a name resemblance with the famous Dogecoin, Dogechain is carving its own niche in the crypto market. Dogechain has the potential to offer significant returns, especially for early investors.

Dogechain, distinct from the official Dogecoin blockchain explorer, is an independent Layer 2 solution on the Polygon network designed to enhance Dogecoin’s utility. While Dogecoin primarily serves payment and purchase functions, Dogechain bridges it to the expansive decentralized finance (DeFi) world, granting Dogecoin holders access to blockchain games, NFTs, and diverse DeFi applications.

Unaffiliated with Dogecoin, Dogechain’s community-driven initiative aims to amplify Dogecoin’s capabilities, offering greater scalability, security, and versatility to its network. What sets Dogechain apart is its unique approach to blockchain technology and its commitment to creating a decentralized platform that’s both user-friendly and secure. The crypto community has taken note of Dogechain’s potential, and its growing popularity is a testament to its promising future.

Dogechain stands out as a shitcoin with potential.

Market and Supply Data:

Max Supply200,000,000,000
Circulating Supply22,805,356,131
Market Cap$12,300,924
Fully Diluted Market Cap$107,877,496
All Time High$0.004501
All Time Low$0.0003635

Disclaimer: Remember, the world of cryptocurrencies is inherently volatile, and prices can fluctuate dramatically within short time frames. It’s essential to do your own research and consult with financial professionals before making any investment decisions.

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