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Bitcoin: Mining, Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages and More


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What is Bitcoin?

This digital currency Bitcoin came into existence in 2008 on October 31, when an anonymous person Santoshi Nakamoto published a paper on the internet, clearing his motto to publish a version of electronic cash where clear intentions were mentioned to make the evolution in the currency market. Unlike the Rupees controlled by the Reserve Bank Of India, Dollars controlled by the US Central Bank, this virtual currency Bitcoin is a form of digital money that allows making payments from one individual to another without going through any third-party institution such as banks, or it is controlled by anyone. A system of decentralization exists when it comes to cryptocurrency.

It would not be wrong to mention that Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency that came into existence and is one of the most popular of all. With the combination of blockchain technology maintained by a huge network of verified computer systems and cryptographic technology, this digital currency forms an alternate trustful financial system that is based on software and is out of the control of any institute.

How to Mine Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are mined by working and solving complex mathematical equations on a special type of computer hardware, and then this happens when the transactions of bitcoins become valid. Well, the interesting thing about mining is, it could be explained as a race among the miners where the first one to solve the complicated high-level mathematical equations adds a new block to the blockchain technology transactions, and in return, they receive a reward in terms of bitcoins. Well of course this technology of mining is difficult yet fascinating, where you get to receive such a valuable asset in the form of a prize. Although the process of mining Bitcoin is not as simple as strolling in the park following are the requirements to mine a Bitcoin:

  • Specialized Hardware is a must : Well if you wish to mine a Bitcoin, you can not perform the task from your regular hardware systems but this process demands the right hardware and high-processing powered computers. As per the norms, a highly specialized system called the Application Specific Integrated Circuits is used, as the mining process is becoming a tough task.
  • Reach out to The Mining Pools : Mining Bitcoins seems easy but actually, it is not. Each Bitcoin transaction has a unique variable, and miners work to find that variable. Now this variable has around crores of combinations making it difficult for the miners to solve it. Hence, if you wish to mine a Bitcoin, then join a Mining pool where the number of miners come together to combine their computational powers and increase the chances to mine and get rewards. These rewards are then distributed among the miners as per the contributions.
  • Mining Software : In chronological order, the next is to get good mining software and as soon as you install one, you would get connected to the network of Bitcoins and allow to mine.
  • Mining Settings : Before you begin the mining process, you need to configure some settings such as the wallet address.
  • Begin Mining : The mining process is all about solving complex mathematical calculations and once you follow the above steps, you can start mining as your hardware and software will together start to search for the solution.
  • Work On Mining : Things to keep in mind are to make sure a stable internet connection is provided to the system and keep monitoring and maintaining the system from time to time.
  • Win Rewards : If your system can decode the answer, you can submit it to the network of Bitcoins for the verification purpose and if you are successful you can win rewards directly into your digital wallet. ( Make sure to keep a digital wallet that is safe and secure).
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How is Bitcoin Used?

Do you use Bitcoin when you buy something from a store? Or do you make the payment using Bitcoin when you go out to eat? No! Then what are the uses of Bitcoins? Well, below are some of the uses:

Advantages, Disadvantages, and Much More

No one ever thought that this era of technology and advancement will bring evolution into the currency forms also. But this idea is no more just an idea but a reality. Today, the name Bitcoin has become common and this virtual currency that was valued to be zero 10 years back holds a value of 24 lakhs today. Well, this article is all about Bitcoin, to help you understand the concept of Bitcoin, how it works, where Bitcoin can be used, what are the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin and much more. 

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What are the Advantages of Bitcoins?

Coming to advantages of the Bitcoins following are some of them:

What are the Disadvantages of Bitcoin?

Learning about the advantages of Bitcoins does not mean that it is not risky or it does not have any disadvantages. Following are some of the cons of bitcoins:

  • Security issues : Although cryptographic technology is secure enough to reduce the risks of security, security issues are on the users’ side. It becomes the sole responsibility of the user to choose safe and secure wallets to store the digital currency, use the private keys and handle them with care reducing risk.
  • Acceptance in the Mainstream Economy : No doubt that bitcoin is gaining popularity and slowly the acceptance is also growing. But at present, the use to limited to some businesses, and it is not accepted in daily life use. Technological bugs may also cause breaches in the network causing the risk of security.
  • Privacy is questionable : Well, privacy in terms of user identification, transaction links, etc. is questionable. Using sophisticated techniques for the analysis may be capable of tracing the transactions of the users.
  • Reverse transactions are not possible : In traditional currency, if you accidentally make a payment and want a refund, do you get it? Well, yes, the central authority makes sure that the user is refunded or reversed the money in any case. But if we talk about Bitcoin, if accidentally a transaction is made, it is almost impossible to get the reverse payment.
  • Lack of scalability : Scalability poses an issue sometimes. When the supply is less, the fees go up unexpectedly, the transaction becomes slower and hence causes a hindrance in the smooth flow of the system.
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Overall, Bitcoins do have many advantages and disadvantages but the system is being developed more and more. It can be assumed that in upcoming times cryptocurrency, bitcoins, or any type of digital currency can play an important role in finance. Well what do you think, will Bitcoins become a replacement for the traditional currency and make it to the mainstream market to be used as one of the mediums of exchange or do you think it will just remain as the store of value investment? We leave it to you, think and do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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