German DWS Group Gears Up for Retail Crypto ETF Launch

Crypto ETF Launch

Crypto ETFs Approaching Mainstream Status

DWS Group, a prominent German fund manager overseeing assets totaling $900 billion, is gearing up to introduce cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds (ETFs) tailored for retail investors. The cryptocurrency market is witnessing a surge in interest from well-established fund managers who have already submitted applications to regulatory authorities. Amid this trend, DWS Group, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, is making preparations to launch its own crypto ETFs, sparking a spirited debate among team members regarding the future of digital assets.

Bitcoin’s Fluctuating Valuation Sparks Heated Debate

In October 2023, Bitcoin (BTC) achieved a milestone by reaching a 15-month high, with its price surging to $35,000. However, opinions within the market vary significantly, with some experts questioning the intrinsic value of cryptocurrencies.

Bjoern Jesch’s Perspective

Bjoern Jesch, the Global Chief Investment Officer at DWS Group, expressed these differing perspectives in an interview with Bloomberg, stating:

“One camp of people in my group is saying forget it, the value of crypto is zero, there’s nothing behind it. And there’s this other group of people saying like, hmm, I mean at least there’s a price of $35,000 for Bitcoin. Someone is paying $35,000.”

DWS Group’s Strategic Alliance with Galaxy Digital

DWS Group’s strategic alliance with Galaxy Digital, established in April, is poised to usher in new crypto products across Europe, highlighting the growing interest in digital assets within the traditional financial sector.

The Complexity of Predicting Digital Currencies

Jesch elaborated on the challenges associated with forecasting the future of digital currencies, noting their limited historical data, absence of collateral, absence of a traditional economic structure, and the lack of a central bank to govern them:

Michael Saylor’s Ongoing Bitcoin Acquisition

While Jesch may harbor reservations about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin maximalist and MicroStrategy co-founder Michael Saylor remains steadfast in his commitment to the digital asset. Recently, Saylor revealed that his firm had acquired an additional 155 Bitcoin for $5.3 million in October, emphasizing his belief in Bitcoin’s potential to experience significant price appreciation:

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Holdings

With the latest purchase, MicroStrategy now holds a total of 158,400 Bitcoin, which it procured at an average price of $29,874. Public data available through the “Saylor Tracker” website indicates that the firm has an unrealized profit of $894.9 million on its Bitcoin holdings, underscoring the continued interest and optimism in the cryptocurrency market.

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