What Should You Keep in Mind While Investing in Cryptocurrency?

What Should You Keep in Mind While Investing in Cryptocurrency?

Looking for long term investments in crypto? Here are a few points that you might keep in mind. This year, the bitcoin market reclaimed its former splendor. The Fed’s strong monetary policy, which included a significant increase in its standard lending rate to battle inflation that reached a 40-year high, left us with a gloomy year.

Growth assets like cryptocurrency, consumer discretionary companies, and technology stocks suffer from high interest rates. The possibility of the economy entering a recession soon was also raised by tighter monetary regulation. Additionally, a slew of bad incidents, most notably the Terra Luna fall and a significant fraud that caused FTX to go bankrupt, have undermined market participants’ faith in digital currencies like crypto.

This year, the situation improved thanks to a promising macroeconomic outlook. The Fed scaled back interest rate increases as inflation continued to decline. Importantly, the U.S. economy’s fundamentals continue to be strong despite having to deal with tighter monetary regulation during the previous 1.5 years. The fear of a short-term recession vanished as a result.

Finally, institutional investors have provided the biggest boost to the cryptocurrency market. The creation of a Bitcoin ETF by BlackRock Inc. (BLK) and the decision of a consortium led by The Charles Schwab Corp. (SCHW) to establish EDX Markets as a new cryptocurrency exchange have drawn interest from investors in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, to mention a few.

Long Term Investments To Eye On 

The economy is not fully out of the woods notwithstanding the above-mentioned tailwinds. In its June FOMC meeting, the Fed halted rate hikes after ten straight increases. However, as long as inflation continues high and well above the central bank’s 2% target, further rate hikes are inevitable this year, according to Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. According to the notes of the June FOMC meeting, all Fed members agreed that future rate hikes are necessary because the inflation rate is still high. The majority of members indicated in the June FOMC dot-plot that they anticipated two additional rate increases of twenty-five percentage points every by the end of the year.

Investors should have a long-term approach at this point. The Fed is certainly getting close to ending the higher rate regime, despite additional warnings against rate increases. If macroeconomic statistics stay positive, we might not see an increase in rates in 2024 and instead see a rate drop at the end of the year. As a result, investors should use a buy-on-the-dip approach to amass cryptocurrency. Every decline in cryptocurrency prices will represent an excellent opportunity to buy in order to benefit significantly once the Fed’s tighter monetary policy is lifted.

For instance, the price of Bitcoin reached a 13-month peak of $31,450 in the first hours of trading on July 6, partly as a result of rising interest from institutional investors. However, the situation was completely altered when Automatic figures Processing, Inc. (ADP) provided incredibly robust private sector payroll figures for June.

Market participants agree that the Fed will have to raise interest rates once more due to the tight labor market, which is now its only area of focus. The chance of a 25-basis point rate of interest hike at the July FOMC meeting is at 92.5%, according to the CME FedWatch. As a result, Bitcoin slowed down and dropped more than 1% from its highest point.

At first the FTX-Binance disagreement has led undoubtedly huge significant impact. One of the main cryptocurrency exchanges, FTX, came dangerously close to collapsing. Along with the big currencies, like BTC, that have fallen further, the FTX meltdown has had an impact on the entire market.

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