How To List Crypto on Binance?

how to list crypto on binance


There are a large number of cryptocurrencies which are available in the market and listing them on exchanges is an integral part and that can put a lot of impact on how much a cryptocurrency is valued for, Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform of the whole world and it is one of the most important cryptocurrency exchange, listing your Crypto on binance can put a huge impact on your cryptocurrency and can lead to significant profit and your profits can also change and become into a huge amount binance the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform so, in this article we will get into how to list your cryptocurrencies on binance we will get a step by step guide in this below article on listing your Crypto on binance.

What is Binance?

Binance is one of the largest Crypto exchange of the whole world and it aims to provide more and more access to quality tokens and also to list high quality tokens on it, it is one of the largest platforms and by listing your cryptocurrencies on binance it can put a huge impact on your tokens and your cryptocurrencies, Binance the largest cryptocurrency exchange has several benefits of it, so we now will get into a how to list your cryptocurrencies on binance.

Listing Crypto on Binance

To list your Crypto on binance you have to go through several steps such as:

  • Preparing your Cryptocurrency: To get your cryptocurrency listed on binance you first need to prepare your cryptocurrency what do you mean by preparing a cryptocurrency you should see that your cryptocurrency meets the requirements meets the conditions that are being put up by the team such as a unique case and supportive community and many more images which are needed to be covered.
  • Conducting the research: Now you need to conduct the research on the criteria for getting your cryptocurrency listed on the binance. After doing research only you will know which are the criteria you need to fill-full fill and list your crypto on Binance.
  • Completion of legal requirements: To get your cryptocurrency listed on binance there are some legal requirements that you need to fulfill because there is an involvement of legal things in the cryptocurrency and you need to fulfill that and complete it.
  • Building a community: So to get your cryptocurrency listed on finance now you need to build a very strong and supportive community or community of strong people so that it passes all the test and review and your coin gets listed on binance.
  • Building your website: Now you need to build your professional website where there is all the information about the importance of a cryptocurrency. How does your cryptocurrency walk and list each and everything about your cryptocurrency which looks very professional?
  • Apply for listing: You have to apply for listing your Cryptocurrency on Binance, you can apply through online application forms or through listing on the website itself of and launchpad or launch Pool application Binance listing.But there is a major difference between  directly listing or listing through the website the difference is that that online listing are open to projects that have token circulating on the market or don’t have a coin issued till now. Whereas in the launchpad it is limited only to project that are at a early stage of the establishment and they have not released any of the token yet so that is the difference between the website and the launchpad.
  • Paying the fees: There is a certain amount of listing fees you need to pay for applying for listing your cryptocurrency through application on binance.
  • Waiting for review: If your cryptocurrency passes through the initial review stage then the team of the binance will contact you and they will get in touch with you via emails make sure the form following the listing application links are on the web page of direct listing on and launchpad or launch Pool application and also you should make sure that you are not on fishing side which means you are not on a wrong website you should always double check the domain name a communication purporting to be from balance as a first step you can verify whether a contact or speaking is official representative or not.
  • Promoting your cryptocurrency: If your Crypto currency is to get the confirmation that it is being selected for getting listed on balance now you need to continuously promote it and also keep on updating it so that it remains on binance.

How to evaluate your projects?

  1. You should only apply for listing if you have at least minimum viable product or what passes the initial screening.
  2. You need to focus on the user adoption in the form of the application which will help you with your screening.
  3. The binance team will look at how the team of the cryptocurrency handles the difficult situations which are being given to them and it will play an important role in defining whether your cryptocurrency will get listed on the binance or not.
  4. Now you should not put pressure on the finance team to list your cryptocurrency by spreading any negative comments about it or by blackmailing it.
  5. The last thing is you should always tell your community to not over aggressively tell shit about the coin. It will remove the cryptocurrency from the listing and it will not allow you to get listed.


By listing your cryptocurrency on binance it will help a lot in your cryptocurrency to get a large number of investors and uses for it because on binance large number of investors come and they are attracted on the cryptocurrency which are listed on balance as on binance only will reputed and good cryptocurrencies and high quality tokens are listed. Is very important to prepare your cryptocurrency by making sure that your complain with all the necessary requirements that are needed to be fulfilled before listing your cryptocurrency on binance you should you should prepare your team very strong you should always make sure that all the regulations are complied with and then only apply for listing because once if your coins get listed once it will make your cryptocurrency go and reach at great heights engaging yourself with the review process of the binance and gi and also leveraging the promotional strategies Archi steps towards the successful listing of your cryptocurrencies so by following this whole guide you can increase your chances of your coin getting listed on binance.

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