How To List Crypto on Coinbase? A Complete Guide

How To List Crypto on Coinbase


So today’s world is continuously ruled by thousands of cryptocurrency there are so many cryptocurrencies which are out there but all of them have not gained a lot of popularity just because they are not listed on proper exchanges due to which they do not get more visibility their accessibility does not increases and many of the cryptocurrency owners do not list their cryptocurrencies because they do not know how to do the coins listing so in this article we will get into how to list your cryptocurrency on one of the most popular exchange a platform which is called as coinbase, so let’s get into how to list your cryptocurrency on coinbase?

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange and also one of the very reputed cryptocurrency exchange so listing your cryptocurrency on coinbase can help again visibility and accessibility at a large extent so the main aim of coinbase is to give a proper marketplace where both the customers can engage with every safe and good Crypto assets which is a reputed Cryptocurrency exchange. It is one of the amazing exchange platforms which is one of the most preferred choices of many people out there so to list your cryptocurrency on coinbase there are several steps one needs to follow. On coinbase there are 200 assets for custody and 172 assets are currently trading,that coins are not in the business of providing the advice for investment but they believe in educating to help the investors determine between the many assets on the platform so to help increase the learning and the education coin based on is an amazing a tool for users to on rewards and also they can learn about different cryptocurrencies and all the assets which are available on the platform.

Things that coinbase considers for listing

  • So the team of the coinbase looks over the developers of the Cryptocurrency whether they have  made any claims as an investment or a security.
  • It nextly looks upon whether it has a strong community of users or not.
  • Then it looks upon whether the initial tokens were distributed in the sales or offering events to users.
  • Is there a proper support team or not for that particular cryptocurrency.
  • The application which is being submitted does not have any information on ultimate beneficial owners or executives or key individuals associated in the project.
  • The information on Sourcing and also the countries in methods in the application is whether Limited or conflicting.

How does the process of listing cryptocurrencies work?

Listing the cryptocurrency on coinbase is very safe winners or losers of the market’s main aim is to protect the consumers so that’s why they choose only those cryptocurrencies which are of high quality and there are some eligibility requirements which the companies or the cryptocurrencies need to fulfill to get themselves listed on coinbase because they do not want to risk the security of the customers and that’s why a Crypto currency needs to fulfill certain criteria and then only it can get listed.

How To List Cryptocurrency on Coinbase?

To list cryptocurrency on coinbase it is a process of several steps which needs to be followed to list the cryptocurrencies on coinbase, so the steps are as follows.

  1. Apply for listing: The first step to list your cryptocurrency on the coinbase you need to apply for listing your cryptocurrency on the coinbase starts by creating an account in asset hub and also submitting with all the related information about that particular cryptocurrency.
  2. Evaluation and reviewing: Evaluation of your cryptocurrency is the second step in listing of your cryptocurrency on coinbase so the coinbase a digital asset listing group does the evaluation of the information which is submitted by the asset hub using the standardize its listing evaluation Framework so this makes sure that the asset is meeting the requirements for the legal compliance and all the security reviews.
  3. Communicate: After putting your application for evaluation and driving you can start communicating with the coins team to make sure that there are not any issues which are arriving and if so what are the issues which will help you to increase the chances of your cryptocurrency getting listed.
  4. Listing of your cryptocurrency: Once you have done all the things and you get approval from the set listing group that is DALG and that your Crypto currency is integrated on the platform of coinbase the asset can now be listed on the exchange so what does this mean is that it doesn’t mean that if the coinbase has listed your asset or your cryptocurrency that it has endorsed the asset but this simply means that your cryptocurrency meets the listing requirements and that means it is being approved by the DALG.
  5. Monitoring: In this the team of coinbase continuously looks upon the cryptocurrency and may delete the Asset or the cryptocurrency which stops meeting the requirements so you need to keep a proper check on your cryptocurrency and also make sure that it remains updated with time to time and also it keeps to maintain the requirements to do all the things which are required to be on the coinbase.

So these are the steps which are involved in listing your cryptocurrency on a coinbase.


Listing your cryptocurrency on coinbase can be helpful in various ways it can help to increase the visibility and accessibility of your cryptocurrency it will help you to reach different milestones for your cryptocurrencies but it is also very important that you meet the required criteria’s. You cryptocurrencies are eligible to get listed on coinbase and  there are certain requirements that need to be full fill to get listed the cryptocurrency on coinbase so you should make sure that cryptocurrency is fulfilling all the requirements and then gets listed because if all the regulations and rules and compliance are being followed then it will get easier for the cryptocurrency to get listed on the coinbase and it will also help to reach different milestones for that Crypto currency so it is very important to keep all the eligibility criteria’s in your mind to get your currency listed on coinbase.

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