How To List Crypto on Pancakeswap?

how to list crypto on pancakeswap


There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in crypto space. Each and every crypto wants to stand out in this competitive space by increasing the user base, increasing the visibility of the crypto. But it has become difficult to stand out in this competitive crypto space, but one way by which cryptocurrencies can stand out in the competition and also increase their visibility, accessibility and also the user base is by listing that particular crypto on a well-known exchange platform. Pancakeswap is one of the reputed Cryptocurrency exchange platforms and by listing the crypto on it the crypto can reach great heights. But many people are not aware of how to list the crypto on pancakes wap. So in this article we will look into at how to list your cryptocurrencies on pancakeswap. 

What is Pancakeswap?

Pancakeswap is exchange which is decentralized and also it is on the binance smart chain, so listing your cryptocurrencies on pancakeswap can help a lot with your increasing of the cryptocurrencies increasing the use of base increasing the number of investors it will overall boost the growth of your cryptocurrency.

How to prepare for listing?


So this is the first step for preparing your cryptocurrency to list on pancake swap so the thing is you in the cryptocurrency needs to have a particular level of the liquidity this simply means that their must be enough buyers and sellers for your cryptocurrency to trade at a fair and correct price so for doing this or for achieving this you need to create a pool which is called as the liquidity pool so in a liquidity pool the funds of the traders are used by which the traders can buy and sell your particular cryptocurrency so this simply means the more the number of funds will be there in the pool the more liquidity cryptocurrency will have.

Optimization of your contract

So this is a second step in a listing your cryptocurrency optimizing contract which means you should ensure that the contract is properly written and it is very efficient so that it doesn’t have too much of the gasses so gas is the fees which is paid by the users to complete the transactions on the binance smart chain so the less the fees of your gas will be your contract uses so that will show us the cheaper it is for to trade with your particular cryptocurrency.

How to list crypto on pancakeswap?

To list your cryptocurrency on pancake swap there are several steps which are involved in listing your crypto, so let’s get into those steps one by one.

Step 1 – Connecting your wallet

The first step to list your cryptocurrency on pancake swap is to connect it to your wallet on the website of the pancake swap and then connect a wallet so several wallets are supported by pancakes swap which includes Metamask and trust wallet.

Step 2 – Creating your liquidity pool

So now you need to create your liquidity pool how will you do this is by clicking on Trade and then selecting at trades to your exchange, the pancake swap will automatically do the calculations on how much tokens you will be receiving in return, and how much will be provided in the Liquidity pool.

Step 3 – Adding the details of token

So now you need to add the details of the token which you have added to your liquidity pool so in this you need to click on a create a pair on the main page and then you need to select your particular token from the list then put this token symbol name and all the asked information you will also need to put a picture of the token logo which should be in a PNG format.

Step 4 – Setting the trading pair and adding to price of your cryptocurrency

So now you need to set the trading pair for this you need to click on Trade and then select trade then you have to select your token from the list and choose the trading Pare you want to set it against so in this way you can set your trading pair. And after setting or trading pair now you need to set the price of a particular cryptocurrency that you want to list so you can do this by adjusting the price slider on the trading page but make sure that to set a competitive price that will attract the buyers and the sellers.

Step 5 – Providing information about your cryptocurrency

Now you need to provide information about your particular cryptocurrency so you need to provide clear and concise information so that the team when it reduces it they do not have any issue it’s the total supply and the address of the contract and any other information that you think is very important.

Step 6 – Promoting your cryptocurrency

So now you need to increase the number of buyers and sailors of your particular cryptocurrency due to which the team of the pancake swap likes your cryptocurrency so why to do the promoting so promoting is done so that the visibility of your particular cryptocurrency increases, to create a strong and passionate and supportive community for your cryptocurrency, to create excitement among the people so that the by the particular cryptocurrency this is the main reason to promote your cryptocurrency it is an important step it as it will help you stand out and this competitive market and get or make a listing process a little easy.


So listing your particular cryptocurrency on pancake swap helps in a lot of ways it helps to increase the visibility of your cryptocurrency the accessibility of a cryptocurrency gets increase due to which the name is made of your cryptocurrency people start to recognise that cryptocurrency and also the number of people using it increases it helps in reaching great milestones for your particular cryptocurrencies which is very important for the growth of cryptocurrency so it is very important to follow all the rules and regulations to get listed on pancake swap and this will help to gain a lot of insights for your cryptocurrency to the people. So to make sure that your cryptocurrency gets listed on pancake swap it is very important that you compare with all the rules and regulations.

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