How To List Crypto on Robinhood App? Complete Guide

How To List Crypto on Robinhood

What is Robinhood App?

Robinhood is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange of the world and also it is one of the popular stock and Crypto trading app and it offers Commission free trading on variety of cryptocurrencies, Listing your cryptocurrency on Robinhood is a difficult task because you need to meet certain requirement criteria all the requirements that are needed, to get listed your cryptocurrency on Robinhood, only a selected number of cryptocurrencies get listed on Robinhood. There are so many cryptocurrencies that are coming up so listing your cryptocurrency on Robinhood can be a helpful way to increase the visibility and accessibility of your cryptocurrency. So let’s get into how you can list your cryptocurrency on Robinhood and the steps which are involved in it so let’s start.

What are the requirements to get listed on Robinhood App?

To get your cryptocurrency listed on Robinhood there are certain criterias with it which needs to be followed, so they are as follows.

So these are the requirements that other cryptocurrency needs to fully fill if it wants to get listed on Robinhood.

How To List Crypto on Robinhood App?

Step 1 – Meeting the requirements

To get your cryptocurrency listed on Robinhood you need to meet the requirements which were listed above and if you think you have all the requirements for getting your crypto currency listed on robinhood then you should go with it.

Step 2 – Apply for listing

After fulfilling the meeting requirements of cryptocurrency and you have met with all the requirements of listing your cryptocurrency on Robinhood now you need to apply on the official website of the Robinhood for the listing work.On the application you will need to fill certain information regarding what is the name of your cryptocurrency, what is the symbol for your cryptocurrency ,the website for a cryptocurrency what is the white paper for your cryptocurrency, the team of the cryptocurrency the exchanges where your cryptocurrency stated and the liquidity of your particular crypto currency.

Now you need to meet all the legal and regulatory requirements. You need to fill all the forms if they are needed to be filled for an application for listing of your cryptocurrencies as it is very important to meet all the legal and regulatory requirements.

Step 4 – Review of your cryptocurrency

Now you need to wait as your cryptocurrency will be reviewed by the team of the Robinhood and if it passes the review test and it is able to meet the requirements and after checking upon everything if the team thinks that your cryptocurrency is the right option they will be let you know and you will be able to register your cryptocurrency on Robinhood this simply means that your Crypto currency will get listed on a Robinhood.

Step 5 – Approval and Launch

So now once you get the approval of the team of the Robinhood now you can launch cryptocurrency on the app or you can see that on the exchange the people, the traders will be able to trade with your cryptocurrency on Robinhood as well but for this your cryptocurrency should meet the requirements and only then it will be get launch.

Step 6 – Promotion

Now that your cryptocurrency is being launched on the Robinhood now you need to start doing its marketing,creating awareness for it in simple words you need to start promoting your cryptocurrency so as to increase the visibility of the cryptocurrency and also you need to remain up to date and maintain the eligibility criteria because if your currency fails to do so then the team of Robinhood can delist your cryptocurrency.

So these are the steps which are involved in listing your cryptocurrency on robinhood.

Benefits and challenges of getting your cryptocurrency on Robinhood App

Benefits of getting a cryptocurrency listed on Robinhood is that it has a very large user base due to which if your cryptocurrency gets listed on Robinhood then it will be exposed to a large numbers of users and also it has very small Commission fees due to which it becomes an attractive option. The challenges which a cryptocurrency can face for getting itself listed on Robinhood is that Robinhood is a company which only selects a selected group of cryptocurrencies by looking at all the things and all the effects of that particular cryptocurrency and those guidelines or those requirements are very strict and if any of the requirement is not filled by the cryptocurrency then it will not get listed so that’s one of the biggest challenges that cryptocurrency can face and the next thing is that the process of getting your cryptocurrency listed on Robinhood is a very time taking it with require a lot of time for getting a particular cryptocurrency listed on robinhood.


In conclusion, it is important to keep in mind that to get your cryptocurrency listed on Robinhood it is very important for you to meet all the requirements which are being set up by the company because the company is very strict with the requirements and even if one requirement is not full filled then your cryptocurrency won’t be able to get listed on Robinhood and also if your currency gets listed on Robin out it will be exposed to a large number of users due to which your currency will gain a large user base and it will help to set a very bright future for your cryptocurrency.

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