These are the Top 5 Crypto Billionaires in the World

These are the Top 5 Crypto Billionaires in the World

Some people are billionaires in the world of digital money, because they are involved in the digital financial frontier. These people manage the growth of cryptocurrencies and they become billionaires in the cryptocurrency world. The top 5 crypto billionaires in the cryptocurrency world are:-

  1. Brian Armstrong: Brain Armstrong is the CEO of coinbase, it leads the exchange of cryptocurrency and digital money. The net worth of Brian Armstrong is $6.6 billion and the source of wealth is coinbase.
  1. Changpeng Zhao (CZ): Changpeng Zhao is the founder and CEO of binance crypto. The net worth of Changpeng Zhao is $65 billion and the source of earning is binance.
  1. Chris Larsen: Chris Larsen is the co-founder of Ripple and the XRP token of Ripple is the 8th largest cryptocurrency. Chris Larsen is 61 years old and the net worth is $4.3 billion.
  1. Gary wang: Gary Wang is the co-founder of FTX, it is a crypto which was launched in 2019 by Wang by exchange with Bankman- Fried. The net worth of Gary Wang is $5.9 billion.
  1. Sam Bankman fried: Sam Bankaman Fried is the youngest billionaire. At the age of 30 he moved to the Bahamas from Hong Kong to become more crypto friendly. The net worth of Sam Bankman Fried is $24 billion.

These billionaires used their knowledge and mind to work on cryptocurrency and they made a lot of money from it. They play an important role in the cryptocurrency adoption and regulations.

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