How to trade using binance app: Complete Guide

How to trade using binance app: Complete Guide


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An Introduction

Binance, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Malta, stands as one of the world’s largest–and most popular–cryptocurrency exchanges: its trading volume and user base are unprecedented. Providing services beyond simple cryptocurrency exchange, Binance offers margin trading; futures trading; lending – even staking. Further enhancing its accessibility, the Binance app caters to both iOS and Android users: this allows unfettered platform access directly from mobile devices. Through the app, traders have a platform to actively monitor prices; execute trades; deposit funds – and manage their Binance account on-the-fly. Mirroring all of its counterpart’s features from the Binance website—the intuitive interface provides for an engaging user experience. To navigate through trading cryptocurrencies using the mobile app—this comprehensive guide outlines every necessary step: starting with your first successful transaction emanating straight from your handheld device via our very own Binance application.

Establishing an Account on Binance

Initiating cryptocurrency trading on Binance begins with creating a Binance account; here’s an outline of setting up your account—getting it ready for trade:

  • Confirming Your Identity: Binance, as part of its strict adherence to know-your-customer (KYC) policies: mandates identity verification for all accounts – a compliance measure towards anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulations. For account verification purposes, you are obliged to supply your full legal name; physical address; date of birth; and an image of government-provided identification – such as a driver’s license or passport. We securely keep your personal information; it facilitates the elevation of your account’s trading limits.
  • Funds Depositing: Upon verifying your Binance account, it’s imperative to deposit funds for trading purposes. Notably, Binance offers users two primary funding options.

Establishing a Connection with Your Bank Account

To deposit funds directly on Binance most conveniently, connect your bank account; this method permits the utilization of local fiat currency–such as USD, EUR, GBP–to acquire supported cryptocurrencies. Binance makes these bank transfers possible through its collaborations with payment providers in a variety of regions. There may be applicable transaction fees and processing times.

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Engaging in Cryptocurrency Deposit

Should you already possess a form of cryptocurrency–such as Bitcoin or Ethereum–you hold the capability to deposit it directly into your Binance wallet for cross-crypto trading. This transaction requires an action: sending coins from your external crypto wallet to a specific deposit address linked with your Binance account; confirmation on public blockchains, however, typically occurs within 30-60 minutes post-transaction. This permits more expedient trading in comparison to bank transfers.

Navigating the Binance App: A Comprehensive Guide

The Binance mobile application, intuitively designed for on-the-go cryptocurrency trading, comprises the following main screens and features:

Overview of the Home Screen

Your Binance account summary–which encapsulates your total account balance across all cryptocurrencies, open orders status, and price charts–is displayed on the home screen; this further includes top gainers/losers and quick links to buy crypto. Essentially; it provides everything needed for effective portfolio monitoring and access.

Charting Prices

Binance provides intricate price charts for each trading pair; these can be tailored to your individual preferences. You possess the capability to manipulate chart timelines, thereby visualizing historic pricing data ranging from 1 minute up until a month: This is done on demand! Other provisions include trend lines–tools essential for detecting market patterns and trends–and indicators such as moving averages. Notably, there exists an allowance to illustrate directly onto the provided charts themselves.

Trading Screens

The main trading screens display the live market depth and allow you to place buy and sell orders. You can customize the layout to focus on specific trading pairs, balances, order entry tools, your trade history, and active positions. All the information required to actively trade is readily available.

How to Buy and Sell Crypto on Binance

Executing your first trade on the Binance app only takes a few taps. Here are the basic order types available:

  • Placing Market Orders: A market order executes immediately at the current best market price. This is the quickest and simplest trade order. You just enter the trading pair, amount of crypto to buy or sell, and tap the market order button. Your order will fill as long as there is sufficient liquidity.
  • Using Limit Orders: Limit orders allow you more precision in specifying the entry and exit price for your trades. You set a target limit price and the order will only execute if the market price meets your limit. This allows you to automate entries and exits. Unfilled limit orders remain open until canceled.
  • Stop-Limit Orders: Stop-limit orders combine features of stop-loss and limit orders. You set a stop price that triggers a limit order if the market price drops below or rises above your stop. This allows you to place advanced trades with downside protection without having to constantly monitor the markets.
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Advanced Trading Options

Once you become more experienced, try accessing these advanced trading features on Binance:

  • Margin Trading: Margin trading allows you to borrow funds from Binance to increase your buying power and exposure. This provides leverage up to 5x on qualifying trades. Margin enables larger position sizes but also increases risk – use prudent risk management.
  • P2P Trading: The P2P (peer-to-peer) platform connects you directly with other Binance users to trade crypto with any payment method including bank transfer, PayPal, gift cards and more. This provides access to crypto without traditional deposits. Be sure to trade safely.

Securing your Binance Account

Since you are dealing with real funds, it is vital to enable all available security features for your Binance account:

  • Enabling Two-Factor Authentication: Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra password that generates randomly via SMS, Google Authenticator or email. Enabling 2FA requires you to enter both your login password plus the 2FA code when accessing Binance. This prevents unauthorized access.
  • Withdrawal Address Whitelisting: Employ the strategy of whitelisting: it restricts cryptocurrency withdrawals from your account to explicitly specified addresses only. This tactic, indeed– serves as a fail-safe against unauthorized external withdrawals to unknown wallets if ever your account gets compromised.


Delivering a robust mobile trading experience, the Binance app allows on-the-go management of your portfolio. Verify your account; fund your wallet; navigate the intuitive interface—utilize various order types to safely buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies from smartphone or tablet devices. Implement security features – such as 2FA and address whitelisting – for guaranteed protection of your account. Possessing Binance offers you the advantage to capitalize on cryptocurrency market opportunities; surprisingly, this can be achieved anytime and anywhere.

FAQ’ s

Q1-What is the procedure for depositing money into Binance?

To deposit money, you may: link your bank account; deposit cryptocurrency from an external wallet; or utilize a credit/debit card to procure crypto directly through Binance’s payment partners. Each alternative – each with varying transfer times and fees – presents different opportunities for user convenience.

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Q2-What are the trading fees at Binance?

Binance imposes a standard 0.1% fee on each side of spot trades; however, using Binance Coin (BNB) to pay these fees results in a generous discount of 25%. Additionally – and worth noting – is that Binance levies exceptionally low taker/maker fees on its futures and margin trading platforms.

Q3-Does the Binance app ensure security?

Indeed, Binance utilizes top-tier security strategies to safeguard your account and coins from unauthorized access or theft: these include cold wallet storage; 2-factor authentication–a robust verification method; and address whitelisting—a pre-approved list of trusted entities.

Q4-What is the processing duration for withdrawals on the Binance app?

Depending on the conditions of blockchain network traffic–which can cause withdrawal times to range from an average of 30 minutes up to several hours; certain coins might necessitate additional processing time. Consult the Binance website for projected timelines.

Q5-Is it permissible for me to utilize the Binance app, should my residence be in the United States?

Regrettably, regulatory constraints compel to limit access for US-based users; however, they counter this by offering the dedicated Binance.US app a platform that delivers comparable trading services, specifically tailored for American customer.

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