Berkshire’s Charlie Munger Predicts Most Cryptos Will Plummet to Zero

Berkshire's Charlie Munger Predicts Most Cryptos Will Plummet to Zero

Berkshire Hathaway’s Vice Chairman, Charlie Munger, one of the most respected figures in the investment world, has once again vocalized his disdain for cryptocurrencies. In a recent appearance at the Zoomtopia conference, Munger did not mince words, labeling bitcoin as the “stupidest investment” he had ever seen.

Munger’s criticism of cryptocurrencies is not new. The esteemed investor has been consistently skeptical about the value proposition of these digital assets. In prior statements, he described bitcoin as “rat poison” and went on to compare its trading to “trading turds.” Earlier this year, Munger expressed his disbelief, stating, “It’s just ridiculous that anybody would buy this stuff… It’s an absolute horror, and I’m ashamed of my country for allowing such beliefs and the very existence of this form of investment.

In another colorful remark from last year, Munger advised the public to “steer clear of crypto as if it were a cesspool filled with harmful pathogens.” He has also provocatively likened cryptocurrency to “a venereal disease” and has even called for regulatory bans. Reflecting his unequivocal stance, Munger remarked that he wished cryptocurrency had “never seen the light of day,” branding it as “revolting and detrimental to the very fabric of society.

His long-time associate and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, shares Munger’s skepticism. Buffett, known as the “Oracle of Omaha” for his investment prowess, has previously described bitcoin as “rat poison squared.” Last year, he underlined his perspective by stating that bitcoin “doesn’t produce anything.” He further elaborated, “If you offered me all the bitcoin in the world for $25, I wouldn’t accept it. It serves no practical purpose for me. It’s merely a speculative token.”

These strong sentiments from two of the world’s leading investment figures highlight the ongoing debate about the value and legitimacy of cryptocurrencies in the financial landscape. While many continue to view digital assets as the future of finance, others, like Munger and Buffett, remain staunchly opposed. Only time will determine which side of history these opinions will fall on.

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