Binance Announces Users Can Now Buy Crypto Using Apple Pay and Google Pay

Binance Announces Users Can Now Buy Crypto Using Apple Pay and Google Pay

The site has updated Binance Build to provide the ability for customers to buy crypto using both Apple Pay and Google Pay. The expose indicates that customers can use these well-known financial options to buy the cryptocurrencies that the exchange is offering.

The action is an important step toward increasing the usability of services and the acceptance of bitcoin investing by the general public. Moreover, the update was published with observations from users confirming that they had used the function and that it had been successful.

Binance Launches Google Pay and Apple Pay Integration

In the financial industry, the growing importance of financial applications has been a notable trend in recent years. Consumers used these types of applications more frequently than ever before, and their addition into the cryptocurrency space has been constant.

As a result, they are being extensively adopted by the biggest bitcoin exchange platform by volume. The news report that consumers may now buy cryptocurrencies with Apple Pay and Google Pay was revealed by Binance in their most recent Tweet about Binance Build.

The potential for a sizable market share of people interested in digital assets is unquestionably increased by the popularity of both mobile wallets, which are among the most widely used on the market. estimates that Apple Pay alone has 43.9 million users. Comparatively, according to the same research, Google Pay counts 25 million users, placing it #1 and second overall in the digital wallet user base.

Moreover, the arrival of these mobile wallets in the cryptocurrency space represents a development in the accessibility of digital assets to a wider audience. The potential for the biggest user acquisition into the cryptocurrency realm for Binance and the industry as a whole is provided by the simplicity of use that this type of update brings. Currently, Binance is dealing with a significant cryptocurrency outflow. Trading participants are transferring their funds from the exchange to self-custody as a result of the fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) surrounding the exchange’s collapse.

The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, addressed these worries and reassured traders that the FUD is a result of outside causes. To attract cryptocurrency traders to its trading platform, the exchange is introducing additional features.

A large market share of consumers is potentially available thanks to well-known mobile wallets. Google Pay has 25 million users, compared to 43.9 million for Apple Pay. The best digital wallets include these two. Mobile wallets are now available on the site, which makes cryptocurrency more accessible to users in general. Currently, 2% of each transaction is charged in fees. The user’s location determines whether the functionality is accessible there. The large outflows from the trading firm could be stopped by Binance by acquiring several users from the sector.

The feature has already been tested by some platform users, who have confirmed that it worked as intended. A greater number of customers will be drawn to the service as a result of the addition of Google Pay and Apple Pay capabilities, two of the most widely used mobile wallets on the market, making it simpler for them to buy crypto. In addition, a sizable market share of users would be motivated to buy virtual currencies as a result. Despite the efficiency of these payment connections, some consumers may have trouble using them as payment options because Apple Pay and Google Pay are not yet available in all regions

Check Out the Procedures on How Users Can Buy Cryptocurrencies Using The Google Pay and Apple Pay Features

  • Log in to the Binance app first.
  • Choose to Trade or Buy cryptocurrency with Google Pay or Apple Pay.
  • Glance through Fiat from the trade menu and pick your wanted currency.
  • Select the Buy Crypto option now.
  • Provide the system with the desired amount, and it will convert it to cryptocurrency.
  • Click the Buy button.
  • Select Google Pay or Apple Pay at this time.
  • Click on Confirm to check the information.
  • Await the completion of the transaction.
  • Customers will now be advanced to the transaction page for Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Follow the steps on the page to confirm the payment.
  • After the financial dealings has been made, select View Wallet.
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