Binance Halts Partnership with Russian Ruble Broker

Russian Ruble Broker


In a surprising turn of events, Binance, a global cryptocurrency exchange powerhouse, has purportedly decided to sever its partnership with Advanced Cash (Advcash), a Belize-based payments firm that facilitated Russian Ruble transactions. This development unfolds against the backdrop of Binance’s recent decision to completely withdraw from the Russian market, citing mounting regulatory pressure as the primary cause.

The Binance-Advcash Partnership

Binance’s collaboration with Advcash, initiated in 2019, marked a significant milestone in the cryptocurrency exchange’s mission to facilitate Russian Ruble transactions. The partnership provided a conduit for users to convert Russian Rubles into cryptocurrencies on Binance’s trading platform.

Binance’s Exit Strategy

Binance’s decision to end the partnership with Advcash is a direct consequence of the cryptocurrency exchange’s comprehensive exit strategy from the Russian market. The company has found itself increasingly entangled in a web of regulatory scrutiny, prompting this strategic withdrawal.

Allegations of Fund Movement

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the Binance-Advcash partnership had an unintended consequence. It enabled the movement of funds between sanctioned Russian banks and the cryptocurrency stock market. This unintended implication of the partnership drew the attention of regulators, hastening Binance’s exit plan.

Advcash’s Stance

In response to the allegations made by WSJ, a spokesperson for Advcash vehemently denied any involvement in facilitating fund transfers between sanctioned banks and Binance. The spokesperson stated, “We categorically deny that Advcash facilitates any movement of funds between any sanctioned bank and Binance.” Advcash ceased processing credit card deposits in Russian Rubles (RUB) from its customers as early as March 2022.

Emphasis on Regulatory Compliance

Advcash sought to underscore its commitment to adhering to all applicable legislation. The company stated that this commitment includes rigorous screening of all users against sanctioned person lists and the implementation of comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures through reputable KYC providers. This emphasis on compliance serves to distance Advcash from any alleged misconduct.

Implications of the Partnership Termination

The termination of the partnership between Binance and Advcash represents a significant shift in Binance’s operations within the Russian market. As regulatory dynamics continue to evolve and tighten, Binance is recalibrating its strategy to navigate these challenges effectively.


Binance’s alleged suspension of its partnership with Advcash underscores the complexity of operating in the cryptocurrency space, particularly within regions where regulatory scrutiny is on the rise. This development serves as a clear indicator of the challenges that cryptocurrency exchanges face in aligning their operations with evolving regulatory requirements.

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