Former Cantor Execs Launch Bitcoin ETF Lending Platform

Ex-Cantor Executives Start Lending Platform for Anticipated Spot Bitcoin ETFs

The Genesis of Digital Prime Technologies’ Tokenet

A team of accomplished former Cantor Fitzgerald executives has unveiled a pioneering crypto lending platform, Digital Prime Technologies’ Tokenet, with the foresight of catering to operators of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) once they obtain the green light from US regulatory authorities. This groundbreaking initiative signifies a significant step forward in the ever-evolving crypto lending landscape.

Tokenet Facilitates Digital Asset Lending

Tokenet has already made a noteworthy entrance onto the crypto lending scene, enabling clients, including the prominent Xapo Bank, to lend out their digital assets to an array of institutional players, such as EDX Clearing and the global institutional credit network, Hidden Road Partners. The company, headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, announced this strategic move on Tuesday. Notably, Tokenet offers a suite of risk-management tools and incorporates a chat functionality that empowers users to efficiently administer their loans.

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 Filling the Gap in the Crypto Lending Industry

The genesis of Tokenet comes in the wake of the crypto lending industry’s tumultuous period, characterized by the collapse of several key players, including Genesis, Celsius, and BlockFi, in the previous year. This vacuum left market participants with a limited set of options and contributed to a substantial reduction in trading volumes that continued into the year 2023. Tokenet’s emergence aims to bridge this gap and revive the sector.

A Synchronized Launch with Prospective Bitcoin ETF Approval

The timing of Tokenet’s launch coincides with a rising tide of optimism regarding the potential approval of Bitcoin ETFs directly holding the cryptocurrency in the United States. Should this regulatory milestone be achieved, Digital Prime Technologies anticipates a surge in demand from ETF issuers seeking to borrow Bitcoin, potentially rejuvenating the crypto-lending industry.

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A “Rebirth” of Crypto Lending

In light of these developments, James Runnels, the CEO of Digital Prime Technologies, remarked that the situation is akin to a “rebirth of crypto lending.” He emphasized that if authorized participants involved in creating inventory for the ETF suddenly encounter a surge in Bitcoin’s price, they may opt to borrow the cryptocurrency instead, with the intent of purchasing it later at a lower price, thereby maximizing their gains.

The Expertise Behind Digital Prime Technologies

The team spearheading Digital Prime Technologies’ Tokenet boasts a wealth of experience garnered during their tenure at Cantor Fitzgerald. For instance, James Runnels, the CEO, previously held the position of Managing Director at Cantor Fitzgerald. Bob Sherry, the Chief Operating Officer of Digital Prime, formerly served as the COO for Prime Services at Cantor until 2018. Glen Garofalo, who now heads margin and risk solutions at Digital Prime, held the roles of managing director of prime services and head of margin during his time at Cantor, as indicated on his LinkedIn profile.

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Regulatory Standing and Funding

In terms of regulatory standing, Digital Prime’s subsidiary, DLCC Prime, successfully secured membership with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority last year, granting it the capacity to operate as a broker-dealer registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This accomplishment underscores the company’s commitment to adhering to industry standards and regulatory requirements. Moreover, Digital Prime received its initial funding from a distinguished group of investors, including TD Cowen Inc., reinforcing the confidence and support for this innovative venture.

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