U.S. SEC Signals Preference for Cash Creations in Spot Bitcoin ETFs

U.S. SEC Signals Preference for Cash Creations in Spot Bitcoin ETFs

In a significant development for the cryptocurrency market, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is reportedly advising exchanges to use cash creations for spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), diverging from the typical crypto-based approach. This news comes after what is believed to have been a series of meetings between the SEC and various exchanges.

SEC’s Engagement with Exchanges

According to ETF specialist Eric Balchunas, there’s credible chatter that the SEC’s Trading & Markets division engaged with exchanges this week regarding the amendment of rules for spot bitcoin ETFs. The SEC is said to be advising these firms to shift towards cash creations, as opposed to the traditional in-kind approach, in their ETFs. Exchanges are expected to submit amendments reflecting this change in the coming weeks. This development, while not unexpected, is seen as a positive sign for the industry’s regulatory landscape.

Historical SEC Stance

The SEC has been known for its cautious stance towards Bitcoin ETFs. In the past year, the agency has rejected over a dozen applications for spot bitcoin ETFs while showing a preference for bitcoin future-based ETFs. This pattern suggests a regulatory environment that favors more traditional financial mechanisms over direct cryptocurrency involvement.

Recent Delays in ETF Approvals

Adding to the cautious approach, the SEC has delayed decisions on spot Bitcoin ETF applications from notable firms such as Franklin Templeton and Global X. The new deadlines for these decisions have been pushed to early 2024, aligning with the SEC’s pattern of thorough examination and deliberation in the crypto space.

Market Implications

The SEC’s inclination towards cash creations in spot Bitcoin ETFs marks a pivotal moment in the integration of cryptocurrency with traditional financial products. This move could lead to a more controlled and potentially less volatile framework for Bitcoin ETFs, aligning them closer to conventional financial standards. However, it also indicates the SEC’s ongoing apprehension towards the direct use of cryptocurrencies in major financial products.


As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, the SEC’s latest advisement could be a critical step towards bridging the gap between traditional finance and the burgeoning world of digital assets. While this might slow down the direct integration of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin into mainstream financial products, it also suggests a growing recognition and potential acceptance of these assets within regulated financial systems.

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