Bitget Implements Mandatory KYC Verification for All Users from September 2023

Bitget Implements Mandatory KYC Verification for All Users from September 2023

Bitget is a large cryptocurrencies trading platform. Bitget makes changes in its service rules. In September 2023, people who use the Bitget platform will go through the KYC verification process. In this process your ID proof is necessary to prove that it is really you. Bitget makes these changes for the safety of the platform from illegal things.Bitget wants to secure everything for all its users. They follow the same rules as the banks and financial companies for safety.

So, if you use the Bitget platform then be ready to face some changes in the platform and ready to show your identity proof to prove that it is really you. KYC verification is an important process and helps to make sure that people are not doing cheating or illegal activities. So, they were asking to show their ID proofs as if they were real or fake. This way, Bitget is a good platform for trading cryptocurrencies and by using it everyone feels secure.

In the KYC verification process, the Bitget users are required to provide the valid identification documents and some personal information. Bitget does many exchanges of cryptocurrencies around the world. They changed their rules to match the government rules. 

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How to complete KYC on Bitget?

 There are various steps to complete the KYC verification on bitget:-

  • Login: Firstly, login into your Bitget account by using your information.
  • Access verification section: After login in your Bitget account, look at the place of verification or KYC, here you can prove your identity. You will find it in the settings of your account.
  • Start KYC process: Start the process of KYC verification by clicking the start button.
  • Personal information: Fill your personal information like your full name, address and birth date etc.  
  • Upload documents: Upload your identification documents including government issued ID, your passport and driving license etc. and scan the front and back photo of the ID. 
  • Submit and reviews: Check the documents and your personal information you have provided and then submit your applications.
  • Wait for approval: Bitget’s team checks your information and identification then will review your submission. 
  • Notification: You will receive the notification in your email or may be in your Bitget account regarding the KYC verification. If your verification is approved then you receive the confirmation email.
  • Start trading: When your KYC verification is approved then you can start using the Bitget services.

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What is Bitget used for?

Bitget is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade spot, margin, and futures contracts. It also offers a copy trading platform that allows users to follow the trades of experienced traders.

Who is the owner of Bitget?

The owner of Bitget is not publicly disclosed. However, the CEO and co-founder of Bitget is Sandra Lou. She is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the financial industry. She previously worked as a trader at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

Which countries support Bitget exchange?

Bitget supports users from over 100 countries, but there are some exceptions. The following countries are not supported by Bitget:
The United States
North Korea
If you are a resident of one of these countries, you will not be able to create an account or trade on Bitget.
Here are some of the countries that do support Bitget:
South Korea

Which is better: BitGet or Binance?

Bitget and Binance are both popular cryptocurrency exchanges, but they have different strengths and weaknesses.

Bitget is a newer exchange that focuses on offering advanced trading options for experienced traders. It offers a wide range of trading products, including spot, margin, and futures contracts. Bitget also offers a copy trading platform that allows users to follow the trades of experienced traders.

Binance is a more established exchange that offers a wider range of features for both beginners and experienced traders. It offers spot, margin, futures, and options trading. Binance also offers a variety of other products and services, such as staking, lending, and a decentralized exchange.

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