Cardano Founder Sets the Record Straight About XRP

Cardano Founder Sets the Record Straight About XRP

Cardano’s Founder, Charles Hoskinson, recently took to YouTube to dispel ongoing conspiracy theories circulating within the XRP community, particularly those suggesting Ethereum’s undue influence over the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and its regulatory actions against XRP.

During the live broadcast, Hoskinson, who parted ways with Ethereum in 2014, confronted claims alleging that backers of Ethereum might have swayed the SEC’s decision to initiate legal action against XRP, Ripple’s native cryptocurrency. He clarified these insinuations, underscoring the need for claims to be grounded in fact rather than baseless conjectures.

Hoskinson categorically differentiated between the notions of the SEC possibly favoring Ethereum and the idea that individuals or groups linked to Ethereum could have manipulated the SEC’s stance on XRP. He underscored the critical need for these matters to be discerned separately, each assessed on its own merit based on tangible evidence.

Staunchly against corruption, Hoskinson affirmed that no substantial proof, such as messages, images, or footage, has surfaced to substantiate claims of corrupt practices. He also conveyed his personal view, asserting that XRP does not qualify as a security, and cautioned against making unfounded allegations about the SEC’s intentions, which he argued could be misleading and unconstructive.

He advocated for informed, evidence-based discourse within the cryptocurrency sphere, as opposed to the propagation of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. Despite his exit from Ethereum and his clear intent to distance himself from controversies related to the platform post-departure, Hoskinson expressed exasperation over incessant suggestions tying him to these disputes.

While Hoskinson extended an olive branch to the XRP community and recognized XRP’s legal victory over the SEC, he remains firm on his stance against the unfounded conspiracy theories. He finds the persistent belief in the SEC’s alleged bias in favor of Ethereum over Ripple to be without merit. Meanwhile, Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse, though not endorsing these conspiracy theories, has remarked on certain dubious circumstances involving prominent SEC personnel.

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