Cardano’s Path to $6.60: Analyzing ADA’s Potential in the Next Bull Run

Crypto Analyst's Take $ADA Could See 2750% Rally - Future of Cardano Explored

Crypto FOMO, a popular YouTube channel, recently analyzed Cardano (ADA) in a video, discussing its historical performance, current status, and future potential in the next bull market. The host offered insights into both technical and fundamental factors that might propel ADA’s value in the future.

Historical Performance

Discussing Cardano’s volatile past, the host mentioned its remarkable recovery from a 98.6% crash, soaring to a 165x value increase in its last bull run, touching a high of $3.13 in 2021. The host clarified that investing in Cardano was riskier at the time due to the absence of smart contracts and a robust community.

Current Maturity

Cardano has significantly evolved, now featuring smart contracts, a growing DeFi sector, and NFT capabilities. The platform’s risk factor appears to have diminished, evidenced by a less drastic 92.6% drop in its recent bear market.

Future Price Projection

Based on its historical performance and current advancements, the host anticipates a conservative 2,750% rally from its present low, potentially achieving a $6.60 valuation. This projection considers Cardano’s maturity and assumes its next surge will be six times less intense than the previous one.

Technical Indicators

The analysis highlighted promising technical signals, including a potential breakout beyond the 20-day moving average, a crucial support level at approximately 26 cents, and the prospect of achieving a new local high.

Fundamental Strengths

The launch of Alonzo, smart contracts, and a thriving NFT marketplace solidify Cardano’s fundamental value. The ecosystem is flourishing, with a rising total value locked (TVL) in DeFi, currently at $157 million, indicating healthy adoption and growth potential.

Influence of External Factors

Bitcoin’s market performance could impact Cardano’s trajectory, with the host emphasizing the need for Bitcoin to conquer resistance at the 200-day moving average to foster a more bullish environment.


Concluding the analysis, the host maintained a positive forecast for Cardano, underlining the favorable technical and fundamental aspects poised to drive its growth in the forthcoming bull market.

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