China’s Social Credit System Extends to Metaverse, Enforcing Real-World Consequences

China’s Social Credit System Extends to Metaverse, Enforcing Real-World Consequences

On metaverse China has set its sight and reveals that it wants to use its social credit system in metaverse. It means these digital places could affect our real life and extend the control of the government over citizens behavior. The social credit system of china, which is created to watch the behavior of people in areas like school money and to watch how people interact with each other, is being extended and this includes how people act in virtual worlds like online games. 

This affects our real life privileges and penalties. People who have a good score get  good things like easier travel and loans and even priority in job applications but who have low scores then they might be limited when they go and what they can do. This explains the control of the government on people and how its impact on our privacy. 

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People who disagree with this social credit system are worried. They think that if the social credit system is used in virtual worlds then it makes it confusing to know what is right and what wrong. They worried that when the system is used then the people are not comfortable to share their opinions and don’t talk openly on the internet. People who like this system and the idea of using this social credit system in virtual worlds say that by this idea the online community is much better.

They think that this  system discourages bad actions. The metaverse means the virtual world is most important in our daily lives. By this credit system China has a big question about how much control is ok. By this decision people talk about finding the balance between what people do and having the control on them and have their own rights. This decision affects China but also affects other countries and deals with the same problems about privacy and technology.

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