Coinfest Asia 2023: Your Guide to Coinfest Asia 2.0 Tickets & Location

Coinfest Asia 2023: Your Guide to Coinfest Asia 2.0 Tickets & Location

Last year’s Coinfest Asia, which happened in the gorgeous region of Bali, was a full-on banger, and an extremely successful event! Held in the August of 2022, the event was not only extremely insightful for all blockchain lovers, but also engaging as well as relaxing for the crypto enthusiasts who had gathered  from all around the world to attend the event. This year, Coinfest Asia, Indonesia’s leading blockchain media firm, is yet again geared to host its Coinfest 2.0, which will be held in Jimbaran, Bali, on August 24 and 25. This year’s theme for the event is Web2.5. The goal is to make the transition from the present generation Web2 to the future’s form of the Web– Web3, an easier process for investors and the crypto industry, before the world makes a hundred percent transition to the third gen web in the future.

More than a hundred leading, sensational international brands such as Nike, Starbucks, Adidas, Sega, Visa , etc. have come together to become a part of this year’s Coinfest. The event is aimed towards having its participants experience some actual, real use scenarios from Web2.5, which could be an active solution in actually bridging the technological and interfacial gaps between the Web2.0 and Web3.0 industries.  

This time, Coinfest Asia has decided to organise the event on the edges of the picturesque Jimbaran cliffs in Bali. This unique location choice is not only expected to enhance audience experience, but also provide them with a relaxing and soothing vibe among the heavy industrial and financial talks, discussions, and activities.

Felita Setiawan, Indonesia Crypto Network director, recently told Crypto reporter CoinTelegraph, that the new location that has been chosen for holding the event, is supposed to give “a new feel which is relaxed and varying from the general official Web3 events”. Felita further added that it’s not just the location for the event that is different this time, but the event will also be featuring and showcasing a variety of engaging and sensational hot topics from the world of computer technology and digital investments, which are ideal for all the participants and industries who are interested in the world of Web2.5. 

This year Coinfest Asia will be featuring, namely, two main stages– Converge and Sunset. Here, the speakers will collaborate in various different ways, and the sessions will be aimed towards discussing the different aspects of Web2.5.  The discussions will range from innovation and technology to essential topics such as adoption and regulation.  The event will also involve several real life demonstrations of the Web2.5 industry’s practical use, allowing participants to actually experience the Internet’s shift from Web2.0 to Web3.0, but in a fun and engaging way. Sponsors and Speakers who are interested in the event can still sign up on the event’s official website.

This year, Coinfest Asia has also invited more than a hundred esteemed speakers who have been called to speak about their knowledge and experiences with Web2 and Web3 industries, in Asia’s biggest annual crypto platform. Who are these speakers? Featuring popular speakers like the APAC General Manager of– Karl Mohan, Emily Parker– Executive Director of Coindesk. There are also a few Indian names in the list, like Product Strategy Director at Fireblocks– Rohan Juneja, and President of Access Block Association– Harpeet Singh Maan. Angel investor Tamar Menteshashvili will be representing Solana as Head, Western Europe.

Therefore, This year’s edition of Asia’s biggest annual crypto, Web3 and blockchain festival organised by Coinvestasi  will certainly be filled to the brim with not only a great theme that caters to the latest Web3 developments, but also with activities, insights, and interviews that aim at successfully bring to the audience, the various exciting possibilities of the Internet’s transition from Web2 to Web3. With sensational topics like Asia’s Crypto Takeover, Empowering Change through Social Impact, Decentralized vs Centralized Trading, and Calling Out Bullsh*t: Web3, and other buzzwords by several major speakers and renowned figures, Coinfest 2.0 is all set to be Asia’s biggest and most successful, as well as the most informational and helpful Crypto festival of the year.


Q1. What is the Coinfest Asia 2023 Location?

Coinfest Asia 2023 will be held in a casual cliff top venue in Bali Indonesia, on August 24 and 25.

Q2. What are the Coinfest Asia Tickets Prices?

Coinfest Asia Tickets Prices for Festival Ticket is $150, Festival – Group Package ticket is $600 and Bull Pass ticket price will be $700.

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