Crypto Community Reacted Towards Newly Launched Barbie Coin

Crypto Community Reacted Towards Newly Launched Barbie Coin

When Robbie overheard her spouse, Tom Ackerley, as well as television creator, David Heyman, talking about Bitcoin on the set, it reminded her of Ken, a fictitious co-star character portrayed by Ryan Gosling in the film Barbie.

What are the views of the crypto community?

Remarks that Robbie left on Bitcoin were succinct and instigating. This is where it led to coming off amid continuous legal efforts that were all against public figures. For all who have recently endorsed usage of cryptocurrency. In the meantime, NBA Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler asked to be dropped from a $1 billion class-action complaint alleging cryptocurrency exchange Binance promoted unregistered securities.

Margot Robbie, an Australian actress who also plays the title character in the next Barbie film, caused a sensation when she said that discussing Bitcoin reveals characteristics similar to those of Ken, Barbie’s companion.

The crypto-currency community from X ( also known as Twitter), which includes MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor and internet personality Layah Heilpern, has had varying reactions to Robbie’s remarks about Bitcoin in a conversation with Fandango dated June 22 during the past 24 hours.

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In the tweets made by Butler, it was mentioned that they weren’t intended to advertise the cited securities. So as a result of this, it could not have assisted in their promotion. 

Influential individuals including MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor along with social media individual Layah Heilpern commented on Robbie’s original comparison as word of the disclosure swiftly circulated throughout the cryptocurrency industry. Different members of the community had different reactions, but many of them expressed delight and bullishness after hearing Robbie’s viewpoint on Bitcoin, including cryptocurrency influencer Girl Gone Crypto (Lea Thompson).

Layah Heilpern, on the other hand, interpreted the actress’s comments as an attack directed at male Bitcoin aficionados. Discussions regarding attitudes towards gender and how particular qualities are connected to particular roles were sparked by the opposing points of view.

Lead psychologist from Awake Therapy Mark Travers presented an unexpected viewpoint. He said that having “Ken’s energy” could be a sign of a person who is altruistic and versatile in a variety of circumstances. Travers emphasized how Ken’s role breaks conventional gender stereotypes by supporting Barbie, who is given center stage.

Robbie acknowledged that it is challenging to pinpoint exactly what “Ken energy” is. It still has a purely ethereal, subjective quality that individuals can perceive without inevitably being able to explain it in concrete terms.

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Robbie’s unique comparison offers the crypto community a novel and thought-provoking viewpoint within the legal complications. Discussions regarding gender roles, flexibility, and the many perspectives on Bitcoin and its influence on the changing digital landscape are sparked by this. Robbie’s unique finding causes a ripple effect which tests views and promotes better understanding throughout the crypto community as the community keeps moving through similar discussions.

In line with ongoing legal lawsuits against celebrities convicted of endorsing cryptocurrencies without providing the necessary disclosures, Robbie’s comments on Bitcoin were succinct and instigating. NBA star Jimmy Butler is a defendant in a $1 billion class-action lawsuit that accuses Binance of promoting unregistered securities. Other notable defendants include Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, YouTubers Ben Armstrong (BitBoy Crypto), and Graham Stephan.

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Q.Where can I buy the barbie coin?

You can buy the barbie coin that is listed on various exchange platforms that are available.

Q.What is a Barbie coin?

A decentralized financial payment network called Barbie Coin recreates the conventional payment structure on the blockchain.

Q.What is the current value of barbie crypto coin? 

The price of Barbie crypto is $0 as per the price trends. 

Q.After the movie are there any changes in the price of the coin?

There is no certain movement in the price trend of the barbie crypto after the movie.

Q.Can I invest in Barbie crypto?

You can usually trade in barbie crypto through its listed exchanges. 

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