Ethereum Whale With Over $60 Million In Unrealized Profits Moves Coins To Exchange

Ethereum Whale With Over $60 Million In Unrealized Profits Moves Coins To Exchange

The cryptocurrency community has been buzzing with the recent activity of a dormant Ethereum whale, a term used to describe individuals or entities that hold large amounts of cryptocurrency. This particular whale, who had been inactive for around five years, made a significant move by transferring a vast amount of Ethereum, totaling 39,260 ETH (equivalent to about $87.5 million), to the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange.

The coins, initially acquired between June and August 2017 at an average price of approximately $240 each, were worth around $11.34 million at the time of purchase. Given the current market value of Ethereum, this transfer represents an unrealized profit of approximately $78 million for the whale, if they choose to sell all their holdings.

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This move is part of a broader pattern observed in the cryptocurrency market. Recently, there has been an increasing trend of large Ethereum holders transferring their assets to exchanges. Such movements are typically interpreted as preparations to cash out, although the exact intentions behind these transfers can vary. In addition to this significant whale activity, other large Ethereum transfers have been noted, involving entities like FTX, Celsius, and Galaxy Digital.

The crypto market, known for its volatility, reacts to such significant transactions. While Ethereum had briefly touched $2,300, it subsequently experienced a slight decrease in its price, trading around $2,269 at the time of the reports. These movements underscore the influence that large holders (‘whales’) can have on the market dynamics.


The transfer of a substantial amount of Ethereum by a dormant whale to an exchange like Kraken highlights the impact that major players can have in the cryptocurrency market. While the intentions behind such moves can vary, they often lead to speculation and can affect market prices due to the substantial value involved. The crypto market remains unpredictable, and significant transactions by these large holders are crucial for investors and analysts to monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ethereum whale?

An Ethereum whale refers to an individual or entity that holds a large amount of Ethereum, enough to potentially influence market dynamics with their transactions.

Why did the Ethereum whale move their coins to Kraken?

While the specific reasons are unknown, such large transfers to exchanges often indicate a preparation to sell or convert the holdings, potentially to realize profits or diversify into other assets.

How much profit is the Ethereum whale expected to make?

The whale is estimated to make a profit of approximately $78 million if they decide to sell all their Ethereum holdings on the exchange.

What impact do whale movements have on the crypto market?

Movements by whales can significantly impact the market, leading to increased volatility and price fluctuations, especially when large amounts of cryptocurrency are involved.

What recent trends have been observed with Ethereum whale activities?

There has been a growing trend of large Ethereum holders transferring their assets to exchanges, which is often interpreted as a signal of potential profit-taking or portfolio adjustments​​​​​​​​​​.

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