FASB Rules ‘Eliminate the Poor Optics’ for Companies Holding Crypto Assets

FASB rules remove crypto's poor optics, says analyst

In a significant development, the United States Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has approved new rules for accounting in the crypto space. These rules are expected to alleviate the challenges faced by companies that hold digital assets, providing them with a more favorable reporting framework.

Berenberg Capital analysts have welcomed this change, stating that it will help eliminate what they refer to as the “poor optics” that have previously affected companies holding cryptocurrencies. One of the key benefits highlighted by analysts is the mitigation of impairment losses, which had created negative perceptions around such firms.

Mark Palmer, senior equity research analyst at Berenberg, elaborated on the positive impact of the new rules, emphasizing that companies like MicroStrategy stand to gain significantly. Under the revised regulations, companies can now report their digital asset holdings each quarter without being burdened by impairment losses.Palmer noted that this change is especially beneficial for MicroStrategy, a company that has been actively accumulating Bitcoin since August 2020.

Over time, MicroStrategy had accumulated $2.23 billion in cumulative impairment losses, which had a detrimental effect on its financial image. Several quarterly reports from the company featured substantial impairment losses on its Bitcoin holdings, reflecting downward price movements.The negative coverage stemming from these losses created the impression that the company’s intrinsic value had suffered, even when it was not the case, according to Palmer.

The new rules, set to take effect in 2025, allow companies holding cryptocurrencies to report their holdings at fair value. Consequently, their quarterly reports will reflect the current values of these assets, including any price rebounds. Importantly, under these rules, impairment losses can be adjusted if the asset price recovers, offering companies greater flexibility in presenting their financial positions.

MicroStrategy, renowned as the world’s largest corporate holder of Bitcoin, with 152,800 coins as of July 31, valued at around $3.9 billion, stands to benefit significantly from these rule changes. Berenberg predicts that MicroStrategy will apply the new rules in advance, which would value its Bitcoin holdings at an impressive $8.8 billion by April 2024.

In the past, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor has voiced concerns about the FASB’s treatment of cryptocurrencies, describing it as “hostile” and “punitive.” However, the new rules have been welcomed as a positive outcome, potentially paving the way for more firms to consider adopting Bitcoin investment strategies in the future.

The FASB’s decision marks a crucial step in providing greater clarity and fairness in accounting for cryptocurrencies, reducing the uncertainties faced by companies holding these digital assets. With the revised regulations set to come into play in 2025, companies like MicroStrategy are poised to present a more accurate and favorable financial picture to their stakeholders and the public.

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