FTX & Alameda Research Wallets Transfer $13.1M to Exchanges Overnight

FTX & Alameda Research

Court-Ordered Liquidation Process Underway

In a significant development within the crypto world, FTX, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has initiated a court-ordered liquidation process, aiming to offload nearly $3.4 billion worth of crypto assets. This process entails selling these assets in weekly batches, commencing with a minimum of $50 million per week. This endeavor marks a noteworthy step in managing the exchange’s financial affairs.

Substantial Crypto Transfers from FTX and Alameda Wallets

The latest news centers on the crypto wallets linked to FTX and its sister trading firm, Alameda Research. These wallets have recently orchestrated a substantial transfer of more than $13 million in various altcoins to several crypto exchanges. The transfer took place on November 1st, attracting the attention of crypto enthusiasts and industry observers.

Notable Transfers to Coinbase

Data gleaned from Spotonchain, a reputable on-chain analysis firm, reveals the specifics of these transfers. Initially, the FTX wallet was responsible for transferring $8.12 million worth of altcoins to Coinbase, one of the largest and most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges globally. The assets transferred included 46.5 million tokens of The Graph’s GRT, with additional information detailing the movement of GRT and other tokens involved in the transfer.

Further Transfers to Binance and Coinbase

In a subsequent development, the wallet addresses associated with FTX and Alameda Research executed another significant transfer, amounting to $5.49 million. This time, the funds were distributed to Binance and Coinbase, two other major players in the crypto exchange landscape. The transfer included assets like dYdX (DYDX), Axie Infinity (AXS), and Aave (AAVE), each with its own valuation and significance within the cryptocurrency market.

Nansen Flags Previous Wallet Movements

Before the high-profile transfer of $13.1 million in funds on November 1st, crypto analytic firm Nansen had detected a series of wallet movements linked to FTX. These movements involved deposits of significant sums in various cryptocurrencies on various crypto exchanges, indicating a broader trend of asset transfers.

Solana Token Unstaked and Transferred

On October 31st, FTX was involved in another noteworthy transaction. It linked 1.6 million Solana (SOL) tokens, valued at an impressive $56 million, that were unstacked and sent to an unknown wallet. Additionally, 930,000 SOL tokens, worth $32 million and associated with FTX and Alameda, were moved to yet another undisclosed wallet. Speculation suggests that this destination could be linked to Galaxy Digital, the official firm designated for handling the liquidation process.

Total Assets Sent to Crypto Exchanges

Cumulatively, data provided by Spotonchain indicates that a substantial $78 million worth of assets have been funneled into various cryptocurrency exchanges from FTX and Alameda wallets over the past week, underscoring the significance of these transactions.

Court-Ordered Phased Liquidation Process

The ongoing movement of assets from FTX-linked wallets to crypto exchanges is in line with a court-ordered phased liquidation process. This legal mandate permits FTX to systematically sell its digital assets, totaling over $3 billion, through an investment adviser. The liquidation process occurs in weekly batches, with an initial cap of $50 million, followed by a cap of $100 million in subsequent weeks. Importantly, the cap can be increased to a maximum of $200 million per week, contingent upon the approval of the creditors’ committee and the ad hoc committee, following proper court authorization. This process is being closely watched within the crypto community as it unfolds.

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