Google Cloud is now a validator on Polygon Network

Google Cloud is now a validator on Polygon Network

Polygon Labs has announced a substantial development on September 29, with Google Cloud turning into a validator at the Polygon proof-of-stake community.

This circulate solidifies Google Cloud’s position as a participant in securing and governing the Polygon Layer-2 Ethereum network, joining a set of over a hundred different validators who affirm transactions on the platform.

The Google Cloud Singapore account confirmed the news by way of pointing out that Google Cloud is now actively serving as a validator at the Polygon PoS network. In this function, Google Cloud will contribute to the community’s collective protection, governance, and decentralization, aligning with the efforts of more than 100 validators.

Notably, even as lots of Polygon’s validators keep anonymity, Google Cloud’s involvement in the community locations it along super contributors like Deutsche Telekom, one of Europe’s biggest telecommunications corporations.

This collaboration between Google Cloud and Polygon Labs is defined as an ongoing strategic partnership, signaling Google Cloud’s commitment to the cryptocurrency and blockchain areas. Additionally, Google Cloud Asia Pacific launched a YouTube video titled “Polygon Labs is solving for a Web3 destiny for all” as a part of its efforts to guide Polygon’s targets.

Polygon Labs these days initiated “Polygon 2.0,” a comprehensive replace to the Polygon community. Phase 0 of this update introduces three Polygon Improvement Proposals (PIPs 17-19). PIP 17 focuses on transitioning from the MATIC token to the brand new POL token, whilst PIPs 18 and 19 deal with technical descriptions of POL and gasoline token updates, respectively. These adjustments are scheduled to be carried out starting in Q4 2023, similarly improving the capability and performance of the Polygon network.

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