Hong Kong Exchange Launches DAML-Based Settlement Platform to Enhance Post-Trade Processes

Hong Kong Exchange Launches DAML-Based Settlement Platform to Enhance Post-Trade Processes

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX), a publicly-traded marketplace operator, is ready to introduce a blockchain-based totally settlement platform named HKEX Synapse. The platform’s number one objective is to enhance operational efficiencies, lessen agreement dangers, and expand transparency through using clever contracts to streamline put up-exchange workflows. This initiative is part of the wider market access program called Stock Connect, which facilitates connectivity among Hong Kong and mainland China’s markets.

The release of HKEX Synapse is scheduled for October 9, as confirmed by way of an professional release. Glenda So, HKEX Group Head of Emerging Business and FIC, expressed enthusiasm for the platform’s advent, declaring, “We are overjoyed to launch HKEX Synapse, a first-rate enhancement to our Stock Connect infrastructure so as to aid the subsequent section of boom for worldwide participation in Mainland China’s fairness markets.”

Transforming Post-Trade Processes

HKEX Synapse is poised to deliver significant upgrades in submit-alternate efficiencies. By harnessing generation and smart contracts, it objectives to domesticate a far better ecosystem that fosters each market and investor growth strategies. Glenda So emphasized, “This generation-empowered platform will not simplest enhance publish-exchange efficiencies, but will, over time, construct a better, stronger surroundings, assisting both market increase and investor boom techniques.

To achieve those dreams, HKEX Synapse leverages the open-source smart settlement language referred to as DAML. This language possesses the functionality to synchronize facts throughout blockchain networks and centralized databases, allowing seamless and stable interactions among marketplace participants.

The release of HKEX Synapse underscores HKEX’s dedication to embracing innovative technologies and reworking the economic landscape. By enhancing put up-alternate tactics and promoting transparency, this blockchain-based settlement platform is set to play a pivotal function in advancing worldwide participation in Mainland China’s fairness markets. As blockchain adoption maintains to conform, HKEX remains at the vanguard of riding high-quality alternate inside the financial industry.

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