Bitcoin News: In what ways does the bitcoin ETF become inevitable?

Bitcoin News: In what ways does the bitcoin ETF become inevitable?
Although the battle to establish a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund has been sporadic, success may be near. The token market would benefit from such a boost. The Securities and Exchanges Commission will eventually approve a Bitcoin ETF despite the fact that it has so far denied every application, according to TD Cowen policy researcher Jaret Seiberg in an analysis published on Monday. According to Seiberg, “we believe authorization may be nearing as industry responds to the SEC’s objections and the SEC looks to solidify its control over crypto.” The SEC chose not to respond.

Knowing the details 

A bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) consists of a collection of bitcoin-related assets that brokerages allow traders to trade on conventional exchanges. The purpose of these ETFs is to provide access to cryptocurrencies without really owning them to retail investors and investors who are uncomfortable investing in cryptocurrencies. A bitcoin ETF is an exchange-traded fund containing bitcoins or assets related to the price of bitcoins. Relying on a cryptocurrency exchange, they are exchanged on a conventional exchange. Theoretically, the business would buy bitcoin, securitize it, and then sell it or trade it on a market. There is currently no cryptocurrency ETF that directly represents an underlying coin; nevertheless the Security and Exchange Commission keeps rejecting these ideas. The token market would benefit greatly with a spot Bitcoin ETF. Financial advisers would be able to handle Bitcoin through a typical finance company with which they are already familiar, rather than having to deal with the hassle of registering different accounts with a cryptocurrency brokerage. Additionally, an ETF might inform financial institutions that Bitcoin will endure for a very long time, increasing the likelihood that they will allocate funds to it. The SEC has recently received a new batch of applications for this kind of product. BlackRock submitted an application to start a fund in mid-June. The application specifically addressed one of the primary reasons the SEC rejected earlier attempts by claiming Nasdaq and a cryptocurrency trading platform—later revealed as Coinbase—had reached a surveillance agreement. Following BlackRock’s filing, Bitcoin rose. Given the fact that it just received one ETF application refused in 576 submissions, investors believe the company has a particularly excellent chance of being approved. According to Seiberg, the SEC may now sanction the introduction of a Bitcoin ETF in part due to political considerations. Gary Gensler, chair of the SEC, may be keen to authorize a product to demonstrate to Congress that he is not opposing digital information per se but has legitimate concerns about the operations of many crypto firms with regard to investor protection. Additionally, according to Seiberg, the introduction of ETFs would make it more challenging for Congress to revoke Gensler’s control over the sector in the future. Gensler might wish to establish his control over what might be a thriving Bitcoin ETF market, according to Seiberg. The approval process for an ETF could take months. The SEC might extend one of the initial deadlines for responses to the most recent series of applications until December. Some of the programs, like the one from BlackRock, don’t need a decision until March of the next year. A ruling in that matter is anticipated this fall. Separately, the SEC is challenging in court a move from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, also known as GBTC to become an ETF. Although Grayscale prevails, the government may still deny the application for other reasons. So this is the whole scenario when concerning with the EFT becoming inevitable for the usage. All investors must take a look at this.  For the Latest Crypto News follow the Coinography and Subscribe our YouTube channel or follow us on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

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