India Trains 3,000 Police Officials in Crypto Investigations During 2022–2023

India trained 3,000 police officials on crypto investigations in 2022–2023India trained 3,000 police officials on crypto investigations in 2022–2023

In a significant move, India has bolstered its law enforcement capabilities to combat crypto-related crimes. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) annual report for the fiscal year 2022–2023 reveals that a comprehensive training initiative was undertaken, resulting in 3,000 police officials acquiring specialized skills in cryptocurrency forensics and investigations.

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Joint Training Efforts

The training program, a collaborative effort between the Narcotics Control Bureau and the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre, targeted officers from diverse cybercrime and police departments. Under the purview of the Narcotics Control Bureau, 141 officials underwent training, focusing on darknet investigations, cryptocurrency analysis, and workshops covering digital footprints. The curriculum also delved into techniques for gathering intelligence and evidence from open source platforms and social media.

Cyber Crime Coordination Centre’s Vital Role

Simultaneously, the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre played a pivotal role in training over 2,800 cyber police officials. The comprehensive training program covered crypto forensics and investigations, along with emerging technologies such as anonymization networks and addressing the misuse of mobile applications in cyberspace.

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Proactive Measures Amidst Rising Crypto Adoption

India’s proactive approach in equipping law enforcement with skills in crypto-related investigations is a response to the escalating concern about potential crimes in the digital space. As cryptocurrency adoption continues to rise, the nation is steadfast in its commitment to stay ahead in combatting related criminal activities.

Blockchain Integration in Mainstream Operations

In parallel to efforts in enhancing crypto-related law enforcement, India is exploring mainstream use cases for blockchain technology. Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL), a state-run oil and gas company, has recently introduced a blockchain system aimed at streamlining the verification process of purchase orders (POs).

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HPCL’s Blockchain Integration

Collaborating with blockchain software firm Zupple Labs, HPCL seamlessly integrated blockchain-based digital credentialing technology into its purchase order system. This implementation automates the verification of HPCL POs to external parties by integrating the blockchain system with the company’s internal e-PO. The resulting tamper-evident verifiable POs contribute to the overall efficiency and security of the purchase order process, according to a spokesperson for HPCL.

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