Is There a Chance of Crypto Bull Run Again? Know What Experts Have to Say 

Is There a Chance of Crypto Bull Run Again? Know What Experts Have to Say

While the price of bitcoin may be much below the record high of $69,044 it reached near the end of 2021, the following is still true: It has increased 86% since the year’s beginning, when it traded for just under $17,000, exceeding predictions in 2023.

As institutional money pours into the market as a result of a number of high-profile platform-traded fund applications, the opening of a cryptocurrency exchange supported by Wall Street power players, and—according to some—those seeking an inflation hedge—the “digital gold” is currently trading for over $30,000 a coin, its price has risen to over that amount.

The Bull Run Speculations 

For how much longer will it endure, though? Some experts tell Decrypt that since last year, investor sentiment has actually altered. Others claimed that the top may have already been reached due to fiat liquidity difficulties. The ability of a market to support the conversion of a commodity to a circulating currency is referred to as liquidity. Poor liquidity causes traders to lose money as a result of things like low order books, wider spreads, and possibly even increased volatility.

Crypto trader had tweeted on Monday that he anticipated a “larger correction” if Bitcoin crossed the $32,500 threshold. This, he continued, will occur as “late longs rush in and investors begin to over-leverage”; hence, anyone entering a long contract at this time may be taking a significant risk.

Traders are currently coveting Bitcoin and paying a hefty price to do so. Director of Derivatives at Amberdata According to Greg Magadini, traders are offering more for upside exposure. In the previous 18 months speculations, “this is the greatest amount of call premium we’ve ever seen in the market,” he continued. Additionally, he noted that since the BlackRock ETF application, the top digital asset classes by market cap has increased by 20% and that Bitcoin is now significantly decorrelated from TradFi (conventional finance).

Three weeks ago, BlackRock, which oversees $9.5 trillion in assets, submitted an application to the U.S. Exchange Commission (SEC) for an exchange-traded fund (ETF) for spot Bitcoin. Experts reported chances of 575-1 in favor of the company, which is practically unbeatable when facing the SEC and has had nearly all of its ETF applications approved.

Due to large-scale investors pulling their money out of short-term investments and investing it in long-term ones, the price of Bitcoin increased as a result According to an expert, he said that, investors have seen outflows. Such that into short Bitcoin products that are for 10 weeks running from now. This suggests that sentiment has really swung bullish in recent weeks.” Are we back now? Although it appears to be so, the approval of an actual Bitcoin ETF is still far from certain. Nevertheless, we are at least headed in the right path.

Based on this it can be said that Bitcoin is on the bull run but it is not risky. So it can be an individual opinion and choice on investing in the bitcoin. For now all the crypto currencies can be risky because of the volatile market. So based on any individual choice any one can invest. 

Investors can also look on the latest news and updates to stay with all the recent updates in the market that make it volatile and unstable. By this usually all the investors should know about how the investments are made. But they must be aware that no investment is risk free. There are usually some risks associated, which needs be analyzed by all the investors. Based on the current market, the bull run may or may not be seen. 

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