JP Morgan Predicts SEC Will Be Forced To Approve Bitcoin ETFs

JP Morgan Predicts SEC Will Be Forced To Approve Bitcoin ETFs, Here’s Why

Analysts of JP Morgan predicted that the SEC will have to approve the Bitcoin ETFs

following Grayscale’s substantial legal victory over the SEC. In the last week a federal court said to SEC to compulsorily revisit the very last rejection it has given.The court’s ruling was based on the SEC’s “unexplained and erratic” approach, where it did not clarify its differing treatment of ETFs based on futures and those based on spot Bitcoin. The court further explained that SEC did not had any of a strong reason behind the rejection that has been given by the SEC. And also particularly considering the strong correlation between the spot market and the CME futures market.

Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou said that the SEC will be forced to give its approval and will have to withdraw it is rejection of the bitcoin’s ETF. This will not be a good thing for SEC and it will disrupt the SEC and also embarrass it. And it occurs that the SEC will give it is approval to the bitcoin’s ETF applications. The SEC also had made a recent announcement that it will give it is decision till the Mid-october and this shows that there is many chances that it will approve the application. The analysts of the JP Morgan said that this a tactical maneuver and it will approve all the bitcoin’s ETF application one after the other in mid of October.

This will be a very good way and this not only will remove the first mover advantage but also nurture the competition which will be leading to a reduced fees of the ETF. And in this the situations given to the SEC there are many chances that the bitcoin ETF application will be approved by the SEC.The SEC would need to reverse its prior endorsements of futures-based ETFs to decline both Grayscale’s petition to transform its trust into an ETF and the spot Bitcoin ETF submissions. Experts note that such an action could prove highly unsettling and embarrassing for the SEC, making it an improbable scenario.

This will be result into more and more competition in the fees of ETF and also in put pressure on the grayscale to will have to reduce it is fees if it is trust is transformed into the world’s largest bitcoin spot ETF. And in this way there are been seeing chances that Securities & Exchange Commission will have to be approving the bitcoin’s ETF and also it will be doing so by the mid of October.


This approval by the SEC of the Bitcoin’s ETF will not be affecting the overall financial markets at all. Also these bitcoin ETFs were been there in the country of Canada and Europe since few time but it was unable to attract the potential investors and the traders. Also this approval of the bitcoin ETF application by the SEC is also because of various factors like the industrial pressure, maturation of the bitcoin market, regulatory antecedents, demand of the investors and the world wide competition and various such factors, etc. The end results depend upon the SEC and all these other factors which contributing in of the result of the SEC. Also the approval of the Bitcoin ETFs will have an of the impact on the market of the cryptos.

FAQ’ s

Q1-What are of the bitcoin ETFs?

The bitcoin ETFs standing for Bitcoin Exchange Trading Fund through which the of investors are able to getting exposure to the world’s most famous Cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Q2-Are the bitcoin ETFs liquid?

The bitcoin ETFs are very high liquid and also it provides its investors with very high liquidity.

Q3-For what are the Bitcoin ETFs used?

A3: The bitcoin ETFs are been used for allowing the of the investors to trade and invest in the bitcoin Cryptocurrency.

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