Mattle pushes the NFTS based on the comments of Margot Robbie 

Mattle pushes the NFTS based on the comments of Margot Robbie

In an interview from recently promoting Barbie, the actress slammed cryptocurrency as a traditionally male-focused conversation topic. Barbie movie star Margot Robbie entered the raging cryptocurrency debate this past weekend after mockingly decrying Bitcoin as a stereotypically ‘Ken’ discussion topic—something she’s reportedly complained about numerous times with Greta Gerwig, the director of the Barbie films. 

Robbie revealed that she and Gerwig would frequently make fun of some of the movie’s male producers, especially Harry Potter movie series, veteran David Heyman and Robbie’s own husband, Tom Ackerly, for frequently bringing up cryptocurrency during the filming of ‘Barbie’ in a recent conversation promoting the Mattel-created box office juggernaut. 

Even though they were meant in good fun, the remarks made reference to the stereotypically masculine actions that Ryan Gosling’s character Ken in the movie “Barbie” engaged in. The term “Ken” has gained popularity as a social media abbreviation for comically unsuccessfully, cocky, or patriarchal behavior since the film’s debut.

While Robbie having rarely expressed her opinions in public concerning Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general, Mattel, the governing company of the “Barbie” brand, has long been outspoken in its support of blockchain technology as a potential new source of revenue for its brands.  

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Why does the NFT have to push?

When discussing most recent retailing innovations, such as the brand’s entry into the NFT market, Lisa McKnight, Mattel’s worldwide director of Barbie, once told Fortune, We’ve done phenomenal things over the last seven, eight years to modernize Barbie to guarantee that she’s in lockstep with culture. Most recently, Mattel and women-led crypto entertainment brand Boss Beauties collaborated to issue a series of specialized NFTs inspired by the doll throughout the run-up to the cinematic premiere of “Barbie.” The drop, according to McKnight, will “empower women and collect to explore Web3.” In collaboration with the French design brand Balmain, Mattel unveiled a range of Barbie NFTs last year. It seems that Mattel has ambitious aspirations for their involvement in the blockchain: In April, the business created a platform on the distributed ledger Flow where consumers could exchange cryptocurrencies for direct sales of Mattel NFTs. 

Although Robbie has not often spoken of her opinions in public regarding Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general, Mattel, the parent company of the “Barbie” brand, has long been outspoken in its support of blockchain technology as a potential new source of revenue for its brands. Barbie and Hot Wheels, the corporation’s two current NFT-integrated brands, will soon be joined by the rest of the vast brand portfolio, according to Mattel, as part of the company’s broader NFT push. The business has also acknowledged that it is working on 45 films that revolve around Mattel toys. Many of those initiatives reportedly depended on the success of “Barbie,” Mattel’s first significant motion picture. According to Box Office Mojo, the film has already made $775 million in theater sales in its initial two weeks, making it an undeniable financial triumph.

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What is the current value of Barbie Coin?

Currently, the cost of one Barbie Coin coin is about $0.0164.

What amount of money is in the Liquidity Pool for Barbie Coins?

The liquidity pool for 1 Barbie Coin contains $0.0831.

What is the current market cap of Barbie coins?

The current market cap of Barbie Currency is $2,166.66.

What is the smart contract address for Barbie Coin?

0x2859E22D98DA289D55C6e53b018BCB74BB4B9476 in the official address for the Barbie Coin smart contract system.

What is a Barbie Coin?

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