Metagood, the Company Behind OnChainMonkey NFTs, Raises $5 Million in Funding

Metagood, the Company Behind OnChainMonkey NFTs, Raises $5 Million in Funding


In a major boost to the burgeoning world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Metagood, the company behind the innovative OnChainMonkey NFT series, has successfully raised $5 million in a seed funding round. This investment marks a significant milestone for Protocol Village, Metagood’s latest venture, underscoring the growing investor interest in the NFT space.

Background on Metagood and OnChainMonkey

Metagood has made waves in the NFT industry with its OnChainMonkey series, one of the first NFT collections to be entirely minted and stored on a blockchain. Known for its unique blend of art, technology, and social impact, OnChainMonkey has garnered a strong community of supporters and collectors.

Details of the $5 Million Seed Round

The $5 million seed funding round, led by notable investors in the blockchain and technology sectors, is set to fuel the development of Protocol Village. This project aims to leverage NFTs for creating positive social and environmental impacts.

Implications for Protocol Village and NFT Market

Expansion of NFT Capabilities: The funding will enable Metagood to enhance the OnChainMonkey series and explore new frontiers in NFT utility and application.

Growth in Social Impact Projects: Protocol Village is poised to set a precedent for using NFTs in philanthropy and social good initiatives.

Increased Market Attention: The successful funding round is likely to attract further attention and investment into the NFT market.

Challenges and Future Prospects

Despite the excitement, the journey ahead for Metagood and Protocol Village involves challenges:

Market Volatility: The NFT market is known for its volatility, which could impact future project developments.

Scalability and Adoption: Scaling the project and gaining widespread adoption within the NFT community remains a crucial hurdle.

Regulatory Landscape: Navigating the evolving regulatory framework for NFTs and digital assets is another challenge the project must face.

Expert Opinions and Industry Reaction

Industry experts view the funding as a testament to the potential of NFTs beyond digital collectibles. There’s a growing consensus that initiatives like Protocol Village could redefine the role of NFTs in societal development.


Metagood’s successful seed funding for Protocol Village highlights the intersection of NFTs, technology, and social impact. As OnChainMonkey paves the way for innovative uses of NFTs, the future looks promising for Metagood and the broader NFT market.


What is Metagood, and what are OnChainMonkey NFTs?

Metagood is a company in the NFT space, known for creating OnChainMonkey, a unique NFT series focused on social impact.

What is the significance of the $5 million seed funding?

The funding is a major boost for Metagood’s Protocol Village project, enabling the expansion and development of their NFT initiatives.

What is Protocol Village?

Protocol Village is Metagood’s project that aims to utilize NFTs for social and environmental good.

How might this funding impact the NFT market?

It could lead to increased investor interest and innovation in the NFT space, particularly in projects with a social impact focus.

What challenges does Metagood face post-funding?

Challenges include managing market volatility, scaling the project, and navigating the regulatory environment for NFTs and digital assets.

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