‘MS Drainer’ Scammers Use Google Ads to Steal $59M in Crypto

MS Drainer' Scammers Use Google Ads to Steal $59M in Crypto


In a startling revelation, a report has disclosed that the ‘MS Drainer’ scammers have exploited Google Ads to misappropriate $59 million in cryptocurrency. This article delves into the details of the “MS Drainer Crypto Scam” and its wider implications.

Unveiling the MS Drainer Crypto Scam

Exploring how the scammers operated, using Google Ads as a medium to execute their fraudulent activities and the mechanics behind this sophisticated crypto scam.

Scam Mechanics

  • The methodology employed in the “MS Drainer Crypto Scam.”
  • Initial setup and execution via Google Ads.

The $59 Million Heist: Breaking Down the Numbers

A closer look at the financial impact of the scam, analyzing how $59 million was siphoned off by the perpetrators.

Financial Breakdown

  • Details of the $59 million stolen.
  • Analysis of the theft’s scale in the “MS Drainer Crypto Scam.”

The Role of Google Ads in the Scam

Investigating how Google Ads were manipulated by the scammers, including the lack of safeguards that enabled such misuse.

Advertising Platform Exploitation

  • How Google Ads were used in the scam.
  • Examination of security lapses in online advertising platforms.

Responses from Google and the Crypto Community

Google and the wider cryptocurrency community are actively discussing their reactions to this scam and proposing or implementing measures to prevent such incidents in the future

Industry Reaction

  • Google’s response to the misuse of their platform.
  • The crypto community’s stance on the “MS Drainer Crypto Scam.”

Broader Implications for Online Security and Cryptocurrency

Speculating on the long-term implications of such scams for online security, digital advertising, and the trustworthiness of the cryptocurrency market.

Future Outlook

  • Potential changes in online advertising security.
  • The impact on trust in the cryptocurrency market post-“MS Drainer Crypto Scam.”


The ‘MS Drainer’ episode serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities present in digital advertising platforms and the ongoing battle against sophisticated crypto scams.


What is the MS Drainer Crypto Scam?

It’s a scam where fraudsters used Google Ads to steal $59 million in cryptocurrency from unsuspecting victims.

How did the scammers use Google Ads in their operation?

The scammers created fraudulent ads that redirected users to phishing sites, leading to the theft of crypto assets.

What has been the response from Google?

Google is generally expected to review and strengthen its ad platform security, though it hasn’t publicly detailed specific responses.

Can users do to protect themselves from such scams?

Users should be vigilant, verify the authenticity of websites, and be cautious of ads promising unrealistic returns.

How will this scam impact the future of online advertising and crypto security?

MS Drainer Crypto Scam” may lead to tighter security measures in online advertising and increased awareness of crypto security among users.

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