Nishad Singh claims his stint with Sam Bankman-Fried caused him ‘severe’ distress

Nishad Singh says working with Sam Bankman-Fried left him in ‘severe’ distress

“Third key insider to speak out, Singh details a tumultuous experience leading up to FTX’s collapse, facing blame and severe emotional turmoil.”

Manhattan, NY – In a riveting testimony, Nishad Singh, formerly a pivotal figure in Sam Bankman-Fried’s inner cadre, laid bare a tumultuous working relationship with the FTX founder, describing a professional environment that not only left him “humiliated” but pushed him to the brink of despair as the cryptocurrency trading firm teetered on the edge of failure.

Taking the stand in a Manhattan courtroom, Singh depicted an atmosphere of intense pressure and emotional turmoil in the days preceding FTX’s public collapse. The situation was further exacerbated by accusations from Daniel Friedberg, the company’s ex-chief regulatory officer, among others, who implicated Singh in the series of events leading to the downfall of what was once a towering presence in the crypto space.

According to his detailed account, the distress wasn’t just a product of the company’s deteriorating situation. Singh painted a picture of his time with Bankman-Fried as marred by incidents that left him feeling deeply disrespected and demeaned. There were moments of such intense humiliation that I started questioning my worth,” Singh shared, his voice tinged with emotion as he recounted his experiences to the court.

But it was the chaotic and stressful descent into FTX’s eventual failure that Singh claimed brought him to his lowest point. As the company faced mounting legal and operational troubles, he was shadowed by allegations of his partial responsibility for the crisis. “The blame, the accusations—it was all unbearable. I was in severe emotional distress, and it pushed me to the point where I considered ending it all,” Singh confessed, highlighting the dark mental space he occupied during those trying times.

Singh’s explosive revelations mark him as the third individual from Bankman-Fried’s close-knit leadership team to come forward with allegations of impropriety and severe workplace issues under Bankman-Fried’s direction. These testimonies have ignited a firestorm of media and regulatory attention, with industry observers speculating on the potential legal consequences for the embattled entrepreneur and the wider implications for the cryptocurrency industry.

The court proceedings are ongoing, and representatives for Sam Bankman-Fried have yet to release a public statement in response to Singh’s allegations. However, with the scrutiny intensifying, the coming days are likely to bring further developments in what is rapidly becoming a defining saga of ambition, distress, and the human cost of corporate collapse in the high-stakes world of cryptocurrency trading.

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