Santiment said whales are active in four altcoins CREAM, FIS, LINA and ELF

Santiment said whales are active in four altcoins CREAM, FIS, LINA and ELF

Santiment, a prominent cryptocurrency platform, has recognized sizeable whale interest inside the crypto market, that specialize in 4 specific altcoins.

Santiment’s contemporary findings spotlight that whales are actively engaged in four altcoins: CREAM, FIS, LINA, and ELF.

Investors are cautioned approximately the potential for extensive charge fluctuations in these altcoins this week. This caution stems from the discovered increase in transactions concerning amounts exceeding $a hundred,000 within the CREAM, LINA, FIS, and ELF networks.

For those curious about the altcoins with the maximum active whale participation, these are ELF, FIS, CREAM, and LINA. Whales are actively trading within those networks, with vast surges in transaction volumes exceeding the $a hundred,000 mark.

Analysts observe that heightened whale activity regularly serves as an indicator of ability charge volatility, prompting traders to remain vigilant within the coming days.

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