SEC Fines BlackRock $2.5 Million for Investment Disclosure Errors


On October 24, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) delivered a charge to BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, for its failure to accurately disclose investments in the entertainment industry. As of Q2 2023, BlackRock manages an impressive $9.43 trillion in assets.

BlackRock Accused of Misleading Investment Disclosures

The SEC’s charges revolve around BlackRock’s investment activities from 2015 to 2019, during which the company made investments in Aviron Group for one to two films annually. BlackRock allegedly misrepresented the interest rate that Aviron paid on these investments. In 2019, BlackRock identified these inaccuracies and subsequently corrected its reporting on Aviron investments.

Andrew Dean, Co-Chief of the Enforcement Division’s Asset Management Unit at the SEC, emphasized the importance of accurate disclosures for investors. He stated,

“Retail and institutional investors rely on accurate disclosures of the companies that make up a closed-end or mutual fund’s portfolio to evaluate a current or prospective investment in the fund. Investment advisers have a responsibility to provide this vital information, and BlackRock failed to do so with the Aviron investment.”

In response to the charges, BlackRock neither admitted nor denied them but consented to a cease and desist order. Additionally, the asset manager agreed to pay a $2.5 million penalty to settle the charges.

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BlackRock’s Setback in the Crypto Market

On the same fateful Tuesday, BlackRock faced another challenge in the form of a setback in the cryptocurrency market. The asset manager’s spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), known as iShares Bitcoin Trust, was delisted from the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) website.

The ETF initially appeared on the list the previous Monday, leading crypto enthusiasts to believe that it was on the verge of approval. This optimism resulted in a nearly 20% price rally over the course of three days. At its peak, this surge brought about a significant influx of approximately $200 billion into the cryptocurrency market.

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