Turkey Set to Introduce Comprehensive Crypto Regulations and Taxation in 2024

Crypto Regulations

Landmark Regulations for Turkey

The Turkish government has unveiled ambitious plans to establish a comprehensive regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and digital assets, marking a significant component of its 2024 government agenda. The 2024 Presidential Annual Program, recently published in the Official Gazette, outlines the government’s commitment to taking definitive steps in the coming year to finalize ongoing efforts in crypto regulation.

Commitment to Comprehensive Regulation

According to the program, “Legislative studies will continue regarding transactions made using virtual assets that represent a digital value that can be bought, sold, and transferred digitally.”

Emphasis on Investor Protection

Furthermore, the government has placed a strong emphasis on regulating cryptocurrency exchanges and ensuring investor protection within the region, with the aim of fostering a transparent and well-regulated crypto ecosystem.

Dedicated Taxation System for Virtual Assets

In a parallel effort, the Turkish government is set to establish a dedicated taxation system for virtual assets. In the “Activities and Projects to be Conducted” section of Article 400.5 in the table titled “Policies and Measures,” the government outlined its intentions, stating, “Efforts will be made to define these digital virtual assets within the Turkish legal system for the purpose of their taxation.”

Compliance Requirements for Virtual Asset Providers

Once these regulations are enforced, virtual asset providers and exchanges operating within Turkey will be required to adhere to the new regulatory standards. This move reflects Turkey’s commitment to embracing the cryptocurrency industry while maintaining a robust regulatory environment.

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