US Treasury Seeks Congress’ New Crypto Crackdown Powers

US Treasury Official says President Biden's admin wants new powers from Congress to crack down on crypto.

In a significant development, Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo has urged Congress to grant new powers that would help combat the illicit use of cryptocurrencies, particularly in light of digital asset flows allegedly linked to the Palestinian militant group Hamas. This call for enhanced regulation comes as the Biden administration escalates its efforts to curb illicit financial activities associated with cryptocurrencies.

The Urgent Call for Congressional Action

During his speech at the annual meeting of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association in Washington, Adeyemo emphasized the urgency of the situation, pointing to the recent attack by Hamas on Israel as a catalyst for renewed focus on the illicit financial use of digital assets. It has come to light that Hamas has actively sought to raise funds through cryptocurrency, making it imperative to address this growing concern.

Adeyemo noted, “There are places where we think Congress needs to act. We’re going to work with Congress to get more tools.” The reference to Congress taking action highlights the Treasury Department’s determination to address the nefarious use of cryptocurrencies.

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Cryptocurrency’s Role in Financing Militant Groups

The role of digital assets in financing militant groups has gained renewed attention following the attack on Israel. In response, the Treasury Department has taken measures to scrutinize the activities of international “mixers,” which are cryptocurrency exchanges that provide anonymity to their users. These mixers have been identified as potential hubs for money laundering, with Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad being cited as specific concerns in this regard.

The Need for Comprehensive Efforts

While acknowledging the Treasury Department’s previous actions, Adeyemo stressed that more comprehensive efforts are required to combat the illicit use of cryptocurrencies, both from the government and the cryptocurrency industry itself.

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A Call for Industry Self-Regulation

Adeyemo called on the cryptocurrency industry to take proactive steps toward self-regulation, stating, “What I’m going to continue to say to the industry is that you have the ability in many ways to self-regulate, and to ensure that you’re safeguarding your assets from being exploited to further heinous acts, like what Hamas did, or falling into the hands of digital criminals.

In addition to urging self-regulation within the industry, Adeyemo reaffirmed the Treasury Department’s commitment to taking necessary actions and collaborating with lawmakers to promote responsible innovation within the cryptocurrency sector.

Congressional Inquiry and Ongoing Debate

Last month, more than 100 lawmakers raised questions regarding the Treasury Department’s stance on cryptocurrency usage by terrorist groups and the potential legislative measures that could address this pressing issue. This congressional inquiry was prompted by news reports linking digital assets to the funding of terrorist organizations, including Hamas. While some voices within the cryptocurrency sector have argued that the role of digital assets in funding terrorist organizations has been exaggerated, the issue continues to be a subject of active debate.

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The call for Congress to strengthen its role in regulating cryptocurrencies to combat illicit activities is expected to fuel discussions in the coming months. As the cryptocurrency industry grapples with increased scrutiny and pressure for self-regulation, the balance between privacy and security in the digital asset space remains a critical concern. The Treasury Department’s move to push for enhanced regulatory powers highlights the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency regulations and the ongoing battle against their misuse.

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