Venture Capital Invests $308M in Crypto Infrastructure

Venture Capital Invests $308M in Crypto Infrastructure

In a significant development for the cryptocurrency sector, venture capital funds have invested a considerable sum of USD $307.68 million into cryptocurrency startups during the month of October, despite a 12.8% decrease from September’s figures and just marginally above the three-year low marked in August. The detailed data provided by DefiLlama indicates a keen interest in projects that bolster blockchain infrastructure.

The lion’s share of these investments, amounting to USD $153.8 million, was funneled into infrastructure projects within the blockchain industry, reflecting a strategic focus on foundational technology. Blockaid, a startup dedicated to enhancing Web3 protocol security, led the infrastructure category with two successful funding rounds in October, raising a total of USD $33 million from venture capital firms.

Membrane Labs also made headlines with a USD $20 million boost, focusing its efforts on trade and lending platforms. DefiLlama’s report includes Vaas, a Brazilian startup that secured USD $10 million in a pre-seed round. Notable participants such as Honey Island, Fuse Capital, and ABSeed Ventures contributed to the round, which was covered by Cointelegraph Brazil, with the funds earmarked for expanding services across Latin America.

Infrastructure investment accounted for 50% of the venture capital allocation in October, which is a noticeable shift from the usual trend where more than 60% of crypto industry investments target such startups.

The decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, although witnessing a decline in the overall invested capital, experienced a 40% increase in venture capital funding in October, attracting USD $56.78 million. A standout in this category was SynFutures, an Ethereum-based decentralized derivatives protocol, which captured a USD $22 million investment.

Web3 startups, particularly those developing ecosystem solutions, also saw a surge in interest, with USD $51.2 million committed to these initiatives. Among them, Blackbird secured a USD $24 million investment to create a loyalty system powered by NFTs for restaurants, representing the largest Web3-focused startup investment in October.

Blockchain gaming projects continued their upward trajectory in venture capital receipts. For the second month in a row, funding for blockchain gaming increased, totaling USD $45.9 million in October. Shrapnel, a Web3 gaming initiative, emerged as a frontrunner, garnering a hefty USD $20 million from top-tier venture capitalists and angel investors.

The persistent flow of venture capital into the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors, despite broader economic uncertainties, signals an enduring confidence in the long-term potential of these technologies.

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