World coin: Free World coin being given by scanning the eyes, scam or scheme, know the matter?

World coin: Free World coin being given by scanning the eyes, scam or scheme, know the matter?

World coin, ChatGPT, artificial intelligence:  Chat GPT developer OpenAI (world coin) company has started an interesting scheme in many countries including India, UK and Japan, towards which the trend of people has increased rapidly. The way this company works is that it scans people’s eyes, and in return, by creating their digital ID, they are giving free cryptocurrency. The name of this cryptocurrency is being called the world coin, which is becoming increasingly popular among people

Cryptocurrency Craze in India

In the last few years, people all over the world have invested heavily in cryptocurrencies. Talking about India alone, billions of people have invested in cryptocurrency. Due to the competition, cryptocurrency companies are offering different types of offers to woo people. But these days the most discussed cryptocurrency is being called the world coin. Chatgpt developer OpenEye, World Coin Company has spread it rapidly in many countries including India, UK and Japan. 

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What is World Coin, and why was it started?

It is being told that a crypto conference was organized in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, in which a large number of people got their eyes scanned. In return, the company gave him 25 free world coins. And made his digital ID. However, during this time people said that the safety of their data is very important.

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People in India installed World Coin’s Ace

On the other hand, if we talk about India, people are being told about the World Coin inside Delhi’s Sector 16 Metro Station. People’s eyes are just a jar of scan, and the app is being installed. It is being told that in the initial phase world coins are being inserted for free by creating digital IDs of people. Later they can also be cashed. But what is the truth behind this, nothing has come to the fore yet. Experts believe that in the last few months, a large number of frauds have taken place regarding cryptocurrency, so people need to be careful.

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