XRP Trading Volume Soars Following U.S. Court Ruling

Swell (XRP) Turns into the Top Exchanged Altcoin on US Crypto Trades

The cryptocurrency world is buzzing with excitement as XRP, the digital asset at the center of Ripple Labs’ ecosystem, experiences an unprecedented surge in trading volume. This remarkable development can be traced back to a groundbreaking U.S. court ruling earlier this year, marking a turning point for XRP and the entire cryptocurrency landscape.

Court Decision Ignites XRP’s Rally

In July, a pivotal court decision in the United States declared that XRP was not an unregistered security, fundamentally altering the course for this cryptocurrency. This verdict was a game-changer, reigniting interest among traders and investors, and propelling XRP back into the spotlight.

Trading Volume Approaches $30 Billion

The latest data from Kaiko reveals staggering figures – XRP’s trading volume in the United States is rapidly approaching the $30 billion mark for the first nine months of 2023. This resurgence is all the more impressive considering that, until mid-July, XRP was notably absent from many American cryptocurrency exchanges.

Leading U.S. Exchanges Swiftly Reintroduce XRP

The aftermath of the court ruling witnessed major U.S. cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN), Gemini, and Kraken, promptly relisting XRP. These exchanges were eager to accommodate their users’ demand for altcoin trading, and XRP was quick to take center stage.

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Global Impact

XRP’s resurgence has reverberated throughout the global cryptocurrency market. In August alone, the average daily trading volume for XRP soared to an astonishing $462.8 million. This remarkable figure stands at 3.6 times the trading volume of solana, which ranked second with $128.4 million across all exchanges.

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Surpassing Bitcoin and Ethereum

In a surprising twist, XRP’s trading volume surpassed both Bitcoin and Ethereum in the week following the July court ruling. This trend has persisted into September, with daily trading volumes consistently averaging over $1 billion. XRP has firmly established itself as one of the most traded cryptocurrencies, second only to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Increased Liquidity

Kaiko’s data also underscores a significant uptick in XRP’s liquidity since the conclusion of the Ripple/SEC case in July. Preceding the ruling, XRP’s monthly average market depth was $8 million, but by early September, this figure had surged to a substantial $12 million. This signals growing confidence in XRP among market participants.

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Price Volatility

Despite the surge in trading volume and improved liquidity, XRP has experienced some price volatility. The coin reached its zenith at $0.938 in mid-July but has since corrected to $0.515. Nevertheless, many experts remain optimistic about XRP’s prospects for sustained growth, given its robust fundamentals and renewed interest from both retail and institutional investors.

In conclusion, XRP’s remarkable resurgence in trading volume and market activity underscores the profound impact that regulatory clarity and court rulings can have on the cryptocurrency landscape. As XRP continues to overcome its regulatory challenges, the crypto community is eagerly anticipating further developments in the months ahead.

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