Zero-Fee Crypto Trading Unveiled by Giottus to Boost Liquidity

Zero Fee Crypto

Giottus, a prominent Indian cryptocurrency exchange, is making a groundbreaking move to promote trade liquidity and empower its users.

Zero-Fee Trading: A Game Changer for Giottus Customers

The company has recently announced the launch of a zero-fee policy, eliminating trading fees entirely for trades made on the Giottus platform. This bold initiative is exclusive to crypto-INR pairs, which currently account for over 85 percent of all transactions on the platform.

Enhancing Profitability and Trade Liquidity

The introduction of zero-fee crypto trading is anticipated to have a profound impact on Giottus customers and their overall trading experience. Giottus has emphasized how this move could significantly enhance the profitability and trade liquidity on their platform, creating a more efficient trading environment for all participants.

CEO’s Perspective: Vikram Subburaj on Zero-Fee Trading

Vikram Subburaj, the CEO of Giottus crypto platform, explained the rationale behind this strategic decision, stating,

“The primary intention behind the initiative is to increase profitability for our 1.1-million strong customer base and provide a channel for maximizing their gains, while also encouraging new investors to join Giottus‚Äô platform. Zero-fee trading represents the most disruptive and decisive action taken by any crypto platform in India, eliminating a major cost barrier for our customers.”

A Promising Future for Giottus

Giottus is counting on this move to stimulate higher trade volumes, especially as the market displays signs of breaking out of its recent bearish sentiment. Subburaj added, “During 2021, the previous peak of a bull run, Giottus executed 4.5 million trades. We expect to see a threefold increase in this metric in the coming year.”

Commitment to Transparency and Security

Giottus has been at the forefront of promoting transparency and security within the cryptocurrency space. In 2023, the exchange became a member of the Alliance of Reporting Entities for Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT), known as ARIFAC. This affiliation underscores Giottus’s commitment to providing a secure and transparent trading environment for its users.

India: A Hub for Crypto Success

Commenting on this development, Subburaj expressed his confidence in the potential of the Indian crypto market, stating, “As one of the largest crypto adopters globally, India has all the ingredients for crypto success.” Giottus’s zero-fee crypto trading initiative is set to revolutionize the landscape of cryptocurrency trading in India, potentially attracting more traders and investors to the platform while bolstering the crypto market’s growth and liquidity.

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