New debate in the market: is SBF behind BALD? full story is here!

There is a new debate in the market: is SBF behind BALD? 


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Is SBF Behind Bald?

A new conspiracy theory that Sam Bankman-Fried is discreetly orchestrating the launch of the BALD memecoin on Base has taken over Twitter. As a result of this recent conspiracy theory, that suggests the current FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried. This was that he could be working covertly that is behind your one of the most divisive upcoming new meme coins that are on Base, Twitter has been a hive of discussion.

The BALD memecoin was introduced on July 30 and experienced a staggering 289,000% rise in the first 24 hours of exchange. The name of the coin is a playful allusion towards the Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. The price of BALD fell more than 85% when the token’s anonymous developer pulled several thousand ETH in availability, leading to accusations of a rug attraction, which the individual responsible has rejected.

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What is the conspiracy?

Several blockchain sleuths dug into the developer’s on-chain history as a result of the incident, and some made the connection to SBF because the Ethereum wallet address in charge of launching the new Bald token in the market had received a huge response. Such that hundreds of ETH that were in the financing form, were having wallets that were linked to FTX and also the Alameda Research.

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The relationship between the two, according to one of the conspiracy theories, anonymous decentralized finance (DeFi) pundit Downsin, implied that SBF was legitimately attempting to get their money back from prison. It is important to remember that SBF is not incarcerated; rather, he is under house arrest at his family’s California home while he awaits his October trial.

Blockworks research editor Andrew Thurman, which discovered that the same wallet handle had made about 400 transfers to USDT addresses on a blacklist and unquestionably had strong ties to Alameda, added gasoline to the fire. The introduction of Bald and the ensuing headline-grabbing meltdown, according to prominent pseudonymous trader Hsaka, were planned to provide SEC Chair Gary Gensler additional evidence to bring legal action against former FTX rival Coinbase.

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Another anonymous commenter by the name of Hype drew attention to the developer’s many similarities to SBF, particularly the way in which the developer used sentences in his social media posts. Hype also mentioned that the wallet was already around for a while and represented one of the original DeFi platform voters on ideas. As condition of his bail conditions, SBF is currently subject to a lot of stringent limitations on his internet usage, thus several crypto experts say it is improbable that he would be the mastermind behind such a scam.

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Crypto influencer Tiffany Fong, who has spoken with SBF several times since his detention, denounced the plot, pointing out that SBF has been employing a flip phone without an internet connection ever since the conditions of his bail were changed in April. She referred to Crypto Twitter as mentally ill in a later piece. Additionally, according to Fong, security personnel inspect every visitor to SBF, and bringing in external electronic equipment is prohibited.

The BALD meme coin fiasco is a timely reminder of the volatility and unpredictability of the market for digital currencies, where stories and conspiracies can spread like wildfire. Without specific proof, it is crucial to proceed with caution and refrain from making assumptions.

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Q1. Is investing in BALD a good decision?

Ans. Unexpectedly, the popularity of Bald, an obscure yet bold parody coin honoring Coinbase CEO who is Brian Armstrong’s baldness, has skyrocketed to unfathomable heights overnight.

Q2. Where can I purchase the meme crypto bald?

The best cryptocurrency exchange right now for trading Bald stock is LeetSwap, if you’re wondering where to buy Bald at the present price.

Q3. What is the current price on 1 BALD coin?

0.00798789 USD is the current price.

Q4. What is the cause of BALD coin decrease?
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The forfeiture of over 6,000 Ether worth volatility from the meme coin’s smart contracts is the primary source of this alarming predicament, and it has put an ominous shadow over the future of the asset.

Q5. What is the price change in BALD?

The price of BALD has significantly dropped by 57.31% over the last day.

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