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Top 10 Altcoins To Invest in 2023


244 Listen to this article In this article will explain you about top 10 altcoins 2023. A portmanteau of the two […]

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In this article will explain you about top 10 altcoins 2023. A portmanteau of the two words “alternative” and “coins”, altcoin refers to a group of cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin (BTC) – or Bitcoin and Ethereum. First launched in 2011, we are now familiar with a wide variety of altcoins today. Ranging from stable coins, and mining-based coins to staking-based coins and governance tokens, each altcoin aims at meeting the needs and goals of the developers.

Altcoins are released regularly and tend to offer high rewards potentially. This eclecticism provides the users to pick from a diverse range of altcoins, each with its own competitive assets. There is nothing like the “best altcoin” and it is contingent upon the needs and expectations of the buyers. Here is a list of the most trending altcoins for investment in 2023.

  1. Wall Street Memes is a popular community with more than one million followers across social media. Its own NFT collection called Wall Street Bulls sold out ten thousand Ethereum-based NFTs in just 30 minutes. It has raised $4 million in just ten days since it began its presale.
  2. Thug Life (THUG) is a newly launched meme coin that aims to serve companies which have witnessed several cuts. As of now, its ongoing presale has collected over $105K.
  3. Chimpzee is an environment-based altcoin and offers features for users to earn a passive income. It devoted 10% of its token supply to help organisations to safeguard wildlife and fight climatic changes.
  4. Launchpad XYZ is a third internet generation-based ecosystem and provides access to the top Web3 features through its play-to-earn system. $LPX has raised more than $900K in the presale so far.
  5. ECOTERRA tokens can be leveraged to support sustainable energy and encourage users to take action against climatic changes. It has achieved success in raising more than $4.85 million in the presale.
  6. DeeLance is a decentralised and transparent crypto platform and has raised $1.2 million in its presale as of now.
  7. yPredict is an AI-based and native cryptocurrency ($YPRED) with a total supply of 100 billion tokens. It has raised more than $2 million since it began its presale.
  8. Scorpion Tokens (SCORP) can be earned based on the user’s performance in the Scorpion Casino, which aims at building the best e-gambling platform. It has raised an estimated $250K in its presale.
  9. eTukTuk’s native crypto, $TUK is prepared for a launch and seeks to create a future where transportation means and economic growth are peacefully in co-existence. Inspired by the famous Pokemon television series and game.
  10. Pikamoon ($PIKA) is based on the play-to-earn strategy. It has already raised more than $2.7 million in its presale.
  11. Doge Rush ($DR) is a popular meme altcoin and an integrated product of popular internet memes and its play-to-earn ambience.
  12. Litecoin (LTC) is an original crypto and it is designed to be used in everyday transactions. While Bitcoin’s capped price rests at a maximum supply of twenty-one million coins, it is capped at eighty-four million coins for Litecoin. The largest altcoin in the market, Ethereum (ETH) allows users to leverage blockchain technology and run decentralised applications.

Although these are some of the most popular altcoins which have succeeded to make their way to the trending altcoin list of 2023, there are a few other hidden gems. Some of them worth mentioning would be Swords of Blood ($SWDTKN), Battle Infinity,  Chainlink(LINK), XRP and (BNB). Although altcoins like Ethereum and ApeMax have gained great attention, it is unlikely to predict if they will explode into altcoins with the maximum potential in 2023. 

The Other Side of Altcoin

Despite its many advantages over Bitcoin, altcoins host many disadvantages that fuel hesitation among new users. They are more prone to price fluctuations than Bitcoin. It is difficult to buy large amounts of altcoins because of their low trading volume. It has witnessed more cybersecurity breaches. However, no altcoin is substantially better than the other. Even with these drawbacks, one cannot ignore the numerous benefits they offer alongside. It can only be advised to be cautious while choosing and investing into one.Read the latest cryptocurrency news on Coinography.

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