Here Are The Major XRP Price Predictions For 2024

XRP Price Could Go Above $1

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Crediful, who believes that the token could rise to as high as $1 (and even go higher)

Rising To $2

Lauren Yarpei noted that some other financial experts project that it could rise to as high as $2 at the start of next year

Dom Farnell, a co-founder of The Investors Center believes that the XRP community will soon witness the token hitting a new all-time high (ATH)

Rising To $10

Crypto analyst Egrag Crypto believes that altcoin could explode 2,500% in 2024 which would mean that the XRP price climbs above $10

XRP Price Between $14 And $17

Egrag, the analyst sees the altcoin crossing the $10 dollar mark next year, something that would validate the expected 2,500% move upward

The prediction of Wells Fargo Manager Shannon Thorp, is on a much longer timeframe, the analyst believes that the XRP price will reach $500.

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